Master of Whisperers

“A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.” —Ayn Rand

I am grateful to my Bloomberg friends for facilitating my voice online. Although I was only with the company a short time, it really did feel like a family and I’m grateful for my time there and to those who knew me well enough to know these allegations against me are fictitious. Thank you for the assistance in my greatest time of need.

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of federal prison is the inability to defend yourself as the Federal Government unleashes its dezinformatsya blitzkrieg. That ends today—I want the world to learn the truth just as I have over this past year of indefinite incarceration: The United States Federal Government is a corrupt, tyrannical government—no person, entity, or other government can escape its bullying grasp. In this first of hopefully many blog posts, I will begin to confront the idiocracy of the charges against me, illuminate the government’s contradictory, ever-changing theories, and bear witness to the sheer terror and absolute corruption that is the FBI and federal government.

First and foremost, the child pornography allegations are laughably ridiculous—well, if it wasn’t for my year in prison with no end in sight. I happily invite ANYONE who wants to review the government’s evidence against me—no technical expert in the world would conclude I was ever involved with the alleged illicit files. In fact, the forensic evidence clearly shows I never downloaded, accessed, nor viewed any child pornography. And how could I when it was all self-contained in a virtualbox VM and I didn’t have virtualbox? My only VMs were hosted on my hyper-v Windows server. I now believe the government planted the CP after their search warrants turned up empty—not only to save their jobs and investigation, but also to target and decimate my reputation considering my involvement in significant information operations and covert action. An innocent life is a small price to pay and means absolutely nothing to these soulless demons—neither does the truth; The FBI purposefully, deceitfully, and maliciously DID cherry pick decade-old chats where the individuals were quoting Yahoo Answers posts and the FBI perpetrated a fraud on the court by removing the context so it seemed downloading CP was the topic when it clearly was not. They tactfully used this misconception to manipulate and fool federal judges to have me incarcerated. Indeed, the entire CP indictment against me is as flimsy yet effective as disingenuous claims of CP interest from these cherry picked chats and a Google search for the “Butterfly Effect”; I am forever lost in this upside-down.

On that note, they say there are lies, damned lies, and statistics—and then there’s the FBI. Or should we say the Federal Bureau of Google since not only are the CP charges based entirely on Google searches but so are the espionage charges; Google searches such as “SATA adapter”, “private trackers”, “rsync”, and for c++ sample code (as every competent engineer knows your robe and wizard hat is incomplete without Google). No, FBI, that isn’t how “tracer-t” works. That’s not how any of this works. So who’s responsible for Vault 7? The CIA’s own version of the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page—We intend to request the declassification of exculpatory evidence proving their involvement in what will be one of the most embarrassing and damaging scandals in CIA history. Yet the FBI have either been woefully incompetent or purposefully ignorant to the truth. The FBI literally care nothing for the truth—they are ruthless gangsters hiding behind the State with unlimited access to resources and unfettered power against the people. America it’s time to wake-up and reign in the unscrupulous power of the State: If they can do this to one of their own who developed malware and ran covert cyber operations—who are you? They didn’t come for you today, but continue to ignore the threat and you can be sure they will come for you tomorrow.

The FBI and federal government don’t want you to know the truth—they don’t want you to read the search warrant applications, they don’t want you to read my bail application, they don’t want you to see any of the evidence in my case. So what do they do? Hide all the evidence by claiming it’s “classified” and silence me at the point of a gun. Then, torture me until I give up—this is the tyranny and oppressive power of the federal government.
In this first post, I reach out and beg the tech community for assistance. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Bloomberg, Thiel, Musk—I was once among your ranks, one of the top software architects with aspirations and ideas for innovative new tech and improved security—now I am relegated to federal prison, without access to any technology for over a year and counting; no end to this madness in sight. Will you come to my aid and assistance? I would love to open my case up to anyone who wants access while the government seeks to hide everything and conceal their conspiracy. If you just wish to verify that the CP is nothing but a hoax to utilize as pressure against me I’d be happy to oblige. ANY assistance to an innocent man, incarcerated indefinitely would be greatly appreciated. Please, help exonerate and free me.

Finally, I also ask @realDonaldTrump for assistance. I have honorably served my country for years yet I am denied my presumption of innocence ingrained in this country’s foundation. How can this possibly be? Like you, I have been ruthlessly pursued and persecuted by the FBI for political reasons. Like you, I have had my lawyer’s offices raided and ransacked in desperation (an outside lawyer I was conferring), and like you I now understand the true treachery of the FBI—don’t believe their lies. I ask you for nothing more than an investigation into the FBI and corrupt federal prosecutors on my case. Fire Mueller, appoint a real special prosecutor to investigate FBI malfeasance, and you won’t be disappointed with what you find.

An inquiry is all I ask—the FBI have lied to you about everything else. It should be suspicious that the government applies for an illegal search warrant immediately following the Vault 7 release with no probable cause or specific items to seize, find nothing in 25+TiB, then “happen” upon CP a few months later, then after failing to coerce a confession for the espionage charges they arrest me for the CP and tell me they’ll drop the CP charges if I confess to espionage, then after release on bail I’m re-arrested and remanded for my cousin accessing the internet, then after my discussion of the case to the media they decide to indict me on espionage without a shred of evidence—pick your peculiarity. This is nothing more than oppressive power maximizing pressure against a scapegoat. Honor your oath to the Constitution and eradicate these illegitimate, corrupt, and malignant institutions terrorizing the American people.

PS Motherboard, I had poor OPSEC because I wasn’t running an operation. I’m sure I can trace back and find your facebook and social media too—found it. Yes, clearly I know how to run operations and the incredible importance of OPSEC: I did it for over 6 years. I know how to delete Google web history (or not create any digital footprint for that matter) and not link accounts. I made no effort to do so as I did not execute any operation, clearly. I commit no crime and never expected to be arrested or even accused… I’ve been hopeful that people would see through the abnormalities, inconsistencies, and contradictions of the government’s case against me as they try to allege both sophistication and downright stupidity that cannot be explained.

Press Release

For what crime have I spent a year in a maximum security federal prison? For what crime have I lost my job, my home, and my reputation? For what crime have I lost every dollar I have ever earned—my entire savings and retirement?

Why, I have been accused of a federal crime—this is the presumption of innocence in America. In fact, I am not in federal prison afterall, only merely detained. This is not punishment, but rather permissible regulation. Indeed, War is Peace; Slavery is Freedom; Prison is Innocence.

I’m a somewhat educated man who always viewed American justice as a fair, adequate system. It is only recently through experiencing this unjust, horrific and corrupt system myself that I have learned the despicable truth—this punitive system is built to coerce guilty pleas and maximize slave labor for the prison industrial complex. Hell, a year ago I didn’t even know that pre-trial incarceration existed outside totalitarian regimes like North Korea.

Yet, here I am. Is this truly just? Does it make sense to completely destroy a man’s life simply because he has been accused of a crime? Is this REALLY the presumption of innocence? How can a man be properly reimbursed years of his life if found innocent? Pre-trial incarceration is a great gamble by the State—it’s the imposition of punishment and a presumption of guilt, whereby, if right, the government gets nothing. If wrong, the government has just incarcerated an innocent man for years and completely and totally destroyed his entire life beyond repair. Is this a worthwhile risk? Is this consistent with the notion of Justice? No honest individual could ever accept such treatment against one’s self nor apply Kant’s categorical imperative. Thus, it’s self-evident that such treatment is unreasonable, inconsistent with the ideals of a free society, and must be REJECTED.

If my fellow Texans knew that the federal government routinely kidnaps its own citizens in the dead of night, at the point of a gun, and immediately brings them before a judge who declares them guilty and sentences them to indefinite incarceration—if my fellow Texans knew the full extent of this disgusting treacherous disregard for the Constitution—they would revolt against this tyranny and overthrow the federal government. I’m not sure how many people the FBI have, but it isn’t enough.

The government will continue to terrorize the people, one-at-a-time, in a vicious divide-and-conquer campaign until the American people unite and stand together against this injustice: E Pluribus Unum. 15 agents can easily overpower an individual, but no federal agency can overpower the American people. Together, we are unstoppable—we must rekindle the fear of the people that all governments must have.

After spending my entire life fighting terrorism from the Taliban to Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, and ISIS, the greatest terrorist organization in the world is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After the fall of the mafia and real organized crime, the FBI turned to terrorizing Martin Luther King, Jr. and sabotaging the Civil Rights Movement. Today, the FBI spends its time and budget creating crimes and entrapping American citizens as well as citizens across the world: The FBI agent and informant initiate contact, persuade and convince an individual to commit a crime; they teach him exactly how to commit the crime, and then once he’s been entirely setup they arrest him for it. A job well-done. This is NOT law enforcement as federal agencies are unworthy of the title—they are terrorists, plain and simple. The FBI provides absolutely NO benefit to society as states and local (REAL) law enforcement are perfectly capable of policing themselves without federal interference. Yet, through the unintentional abuse of the commerce clause, the Feds can claim jurisdiction on anything and launch campaigns across the country solely to waste taxpayer dollars terrorizing the people with mass incarceration and uncanny seizure of assets through civil forfeiture as the Feds literally pillage and plunder America.

The FBI is to terror as the federal prosecutor is to racketeering. There is no criminal enterprise in the world as corrupt and ruthlessly vicious as the American federal prosecutor. Federal prosecutors are the most powerful people in the United States—any two prosecutors can file charges and lock people in cages indefinitely. Their decisions and discretion are non-reviewable, unchallengeable, and entirely immune from accusations of wrongdoing. The legal system in America was designed to give full power and complete autonomy to federal prosecutors to do as they wish with no accountability; no oversight; no checks and balances. Just unchecked, raw power. Trick a judge with fake or non-existent probable cause—cherrypicked searches and chats and faulty tech that the old judge does not understand—and a federal prosecutor can strip ANY American of his citizenship, of the entirety of the Bill of Rights, of every single liberty. Prosecutors are power-hungry, soulless demons devoid of any conscious or moral compass; they arrest, incarcerate, and persecute simply because they can. Facts and evidence have no place in the modern criminal justice system.

No country should ever permit the FBI or federal prosecutors as US diplomats—this would be akin to allowing ISIS an embassy and safe haven to conduct terror against your people. Likewise, to extradite any person to the United States is an act of inhumane torture—your citizen stands no chance against the federal government and will be viciously tortured until he pleads guilty and does life in prison. Additionally, no country—Iran, North Korea—should EVER accept UN inspectors until the hypocritical United States federal government submits to UN inspectors of human rights abuses in its prisons.

Someone has to stand up to this incredulous injustice, to this unruly beast, this terrorizing bully that is the federal government. Someone has to stand up for what is right and demand freedom for the slaves.

Therefore, I intend to run for Congress here in New York’s 7th district and become the next Speaker of the House. The long-time incumbent Velázquez must step aside and give her constituents the speakership.

I intend to run under the platform of criminal justice reform as I will end mass incarceration and the War on Drugs including the perverse incentives it provides. As a society, we must pivot from “tough on crime” to compassionate, forgiving human beings who seek to rehabilitate over punish and uplift the poor souls born into this world without privilege, into difficult environments. You cannot call yourself a good Christian, a good Muslim, a good Jew, or even a good person while simultaneously holding values contrary to the core tenets of forgiveness and compassion. Should a man really spend a decade in federal prison for buying drugs? 5 years in prison is almost always too harsh a sentence let alone the typical 10, 15, 20 year mandatory minimums that exist for most non-violent, victimless drug crimes.

I will dismantle the federal government brick-by-brick, agency-by-agency until nothing remains. I will repeal all federal laws. I am the harbinger of death for tyranny and will never permit a single penny more to be spent on drugs, federal “law enforcement”, or federal prosecutors; All will be stripped of their power over man, and this power rightfully returned to the states and local governments. The corruption of the federal government will come to a screeching halt. America stands for democracy and freedom—not slavery and oppression.