9. Presumption of Innocence: The Devil’s Dishonest, Deplorable, Diabolically Demented Demons

“Let’s go, get up” … “Come on, you’re going to jail.” Wha? Is this another nightmare? I’ve had torturous dreams and trouble sleeping ever since my arrest and immediate remand into federal prison. I look around as 5 police officers stand in my apartment. The clock reads 5:30 AM.

“Get dressed. We’re taking you to jail.”
I start to get up and dress—still groggy and in complete disbelief that this is somehow happening AGAIN. I confusedly say, “But I’m under house incarceration What in the world am I getting arrested for?”
“It doesn’t matter,” they respond.
I ask to see the warrant as I’m sure there’s been a mistake, but they refuse. They handcuff me and lead me, once again, in the abyss at the point of a gun. I was nearing completion with my “Presumption of Innocence: Redress of Grievances” and only had #5 and #8 to complete and edit. In fact, my notebook containing them was sitting on my table as I had intended to spend that day finalizing them for publication. Coincidentally, this was the second time that I was nearing a press release and subsequently was arrested.

The police take me to the nearest precinct in Manhattan and process me. I heard them talking confusedly and trying to figure out what to do next. Eventually they tell me the arrest warrant is from Virginia and that I’ve been arrested as a fugitive from justice. I ask the officer the charges and what happens next, but he doesn’t know. They finish processing me and then take me outside the federal courthouse around 6:30 AM. I’m told we are waiting for pretrial services to remove my ankle bracelet before they can take me into the state courthouse. Great. As we sit there, I start to bond with the NYPD—they’re very professional and I understand that they’re doing their job—likewise, they see my respect, attitude, and general demeanor and they open up a bit about what’s going on: They confess how unusual the entire situation is. They tell me that never in all their years of experience have they ever had something like this happen;
Apparently, Virginia filed an arrest warrant back in November, but the NYPD never did anything with it until the FBI called them and specifically told them to execute it today. Strange… What the hell is going on? We wait outside as the police call back-and-forth between themselves and pretrial services trying to figure out how and when to get someone to come down and remove my ankle bracelet. Finally, after 9 AM, my pretrial services officer comes by and removes the bracelet while also commenting on the atypical situation. The police then take me to the state courthouse where I’m processed once again and led into a holding cell with other arrestees as we await bail. A few hours in the cell and my new lawyer comes by to explain what is going on—he has only just officially taken on my case as my last lawyer abandoned my case when he left the firm.

Anyway, when I was initially arrested back in August, the FBI alleged in my bail hearing that I sexually assaulted a colleague that I worked with, lived with, and dated for a time. They incredulously claimed that they found pictures from my devices over 5-6 months ago that allegedly showed my sexually assaulting her 2+ years ago. However. when they interviewed her, she did not cooperate with their investigation, nor did she claim that I ever hurt her and that she did NOT want to press charges. This was a person I cared for and even loved very much, I never ever would have hurt her and she knows this. Even after our fling of a relationship ended, we remained very close I considered her my best friend and she mine—up until the FBI began to harass and intimidate her and she sent me that final text last March that she was no longer allowed to contact me. And that’s how our special relationship ended. I was heart-broken. And now to claim I sexually assaulted her? I can’t even bear it.

Anyway, initially the judge said he would not even consider these outrageous allegations in my bail determination (but found me guilty and threw me in prison nonetheless). Despite this dismissal, they once again attempted to bring it up in my second bail hearing, and once again, the judge dismissed it. Our belief at the time was that this was just another dishonest, dirty trick to lie and taint my image to subconsciously influence the judge. My prosecutor, the ROACH, was particularly adept at lying and manipulation. However, apparently after my second bail hearing when I was released on literally every possible restriction, the FBI and the ROACH contacted Virginia and actually directed the District Attorney to file charges and prosecute me so they could violate me on my bail and take me back to federal prison. THE. DAY. AFTER. MY. RELEASE. The FBI had this “evidence” for almost an ENTIRE YEAR, but only forwarded it to the state as a malevolent and depraved strategy: Even though the charges were bogus and would NEVER hold up in a court of law, it was enough to send me back to prison. Incredibly, the alleged victim was STILL not cooperating and still vehemently opposed pressing charges against me. But since when has the FBI or the Feds ever cared about a victim? They don’t give a shit about her. Let me repeat that: The FBI obviously couldn’t care less about her at all. Otherwise, why wait a year to forward it to Virginia? Why file charges when she expressly doesn’t want any charges? Because they are ruthless, soulless demons who simply want to use her to destroy me. She’s a tool to be used at their disposal nothing more than a meaningless pawn in their sadistic game.

They don’t care about her or finding the truth—only what deceitful lies they can weave before the court to have me rot in prison. Remember, humans rotting in prison sustain these demons. Incredulously, although the Feds failed in their incessant intimidation to coerce her into filling charges against me (yes, multiple attempts involving disgusting lies that they told her), they still pushed forward and demanded the Virginia District Attorney to press charges WITHOUT her consent or cooperation. What were the terms of the maleficent quid pro quo between the ROACH and the Virginia DA? Who knows, but it was certainly not legal. The state of Virginia clearly has no sovereignty as a state, but instead bends to the will and malicious desires of the federal government against alleged victims and the legal code of ethics.
But that’s not all we learn the ROACH had previously approved for me to travel into the city for Thanksgiving With my family. My family booked travel arrangements and planned outings to a Knicks game, a musical. comedy show. etc during the week of Thanksgiving. Honestly. I never should have been under house incarceration in the first place, but traveling with my family should have nullified my “danger to society”. Alas. it was too good to be true once my family arrived, the ROACH called and gleefully rescinded the exemption; No, I would not be permitted to disregard the unconstitutional conditions imposed by the court for Thanksgiving. The ROACH is the very personification of pure evil—soulless demons sent from the pits of hell to torture and afflict good people. But we already knew this—it was the reason that we finally discovered. Yes. the reason he set up my family to come visit with me in NYC and then rescind was because he is pure, 100% evil; but so much more than that—not only did he purposefully rescind the exemption as to steal Christmas from a child, but he also unconscionably planned for the police to arrest me and drag me from my apartment from my apartment on Thanksgiving WHILE my family was in town. All this time so he could showcase his power as the demented United States Attorney that he was; indeed a true diabolical scheme that we never saw coming. Unfortunately for him, it did not work out as planned and instead took the police several weeks to execute the arrest warrant.

Normally, Virginia would have never filed bogus charges. Normally, the AUSA would contact my attorney regarding the charges so we could handle them without any fugitive arrests necessary. But this isn’t a normal case—ROACH is hoping to base his political career off my murder. And so, although I’m under every possible inhumane bail restriction including 24-hours house incarceration, I’m still arrested and labeled a FUGITIVE for a non-existent crime that allegedly happened 2 years ago on an arrest warrant that was purposefully hidden from my legal team, and based on “evidence” originally discovered 6 months ago but never sent to Virginia until now, and a victim who denies the charges and is not cooperating. The Feds play dirty—if you haven’t noticed already. And yes, his is the United States and the FBI, and not the USSR and the KGB.

The ROACH and the FBI absolutely hated every second I was out on bail despite the unlivable conditions. They even told my attorney that they wanted me back in prison WHERE I BELONGED and that they would do anything to accomplish it. Isn’t that incredible? At the time, we thought they were just salty that I was permitted one small liberty instead of denied all permanently in prison. We were in the process of finalizing requests with the court to get computer/lnternet access as well as move me back to my home country of Texas since I was not bankrupt and could no longer afford my rent. The ROACH denied our request and said that they would argue against it in court, but we were optimistic that we would win and I would be home with my family for Christmas despite the demons’ best efforts. However, instead of arguing for my return home we were once again arguing for my freedom and potentially which prison I would spend Christmas. Do you have the same gut-wrenching repulsion? Does it not make you sick? Can you believe their overt malicious tenacity? That’s the devil’s dishonest, deplorable, diabolically demented demons known as the Feds—and their nonchalant, everyday lives of torturing and destroying their enemies.

In addition to the ROACH arguing that I broke my bail conditions due to the “new” arrest that they constructed, I leam that they also clam I broke my bail conditions by accessing the Intemet. They file a letter with the court. which was clearly already prepared, that contained blatant lies. deception, and fallacious arguments just like their search warrant and vindictive indictment. They outnght lie to the court and clam that Virginia DA “found additional evidence” linking me to the cnme—the DA told my attorney that the only evidence they had was what the FBI gave them. So. who is lying? Is the court not concerned that there IS a liar in their midst? Not really. nope. Additionally. the letter mentions Internet access based on Google account login data they obtained from Google without a warrant as well as IP addresses they clam indicate TOR access that they obtained from my ISP. Verizon, also without a search warrant. So, first of all, apparently the FBI can subpoena and receive information about your Google account without a search warrant and they can sniff your Internet traffic and obtain information about your web traffic from Verizon without a search warrant. Police State, anyone? Thought crime via “conspiracy” charges, illegal searches and seizures, searches without warrants, lies, and prison without conviction, malicious manipulation of the system, coercion and blackmail; the list goes on and on and on this IS a Police State. This IS what George Orwell cautioned us about. This IS what happens when the people become content and willing to sacrifice civil rights and liberties for “security”.

The web traffic and other evidence submitted to the court failed to mention a minor detail—my cousin moved in with me to assist me with life necessities such as purchasing food and grocenes, throwing out the trash, picking up the mail, oh and paying bills and handling communication for me. My cousin even signed an affidavit and received approval from pretrial services. Pretrial services came to my apartment and approved the Verizon router and Internet I still paid so that my cousin could use it. OH, additionally I wanted to be on the safe side so I SPECIFICALLY asked pretrial services if my cousin could login and handle my affairs such as rent we had to pay, credit card bills, correspondence and maintenance of my property and tenants in Virginia, correspondence with my apartment managers and super, printing emails for me, etc and they gave consent. My cousin also, separately, asked and ALSO received their consent. Yet, that isn’t mentioned at all, because in the upside-down of the American justice system, facts and truths simply don’t matter. So, the FBI snooped on a private citizen, my cousin. stole his Internet traffic data and claimed it was me without any proof whatsoever. The ROACH’s letter to the court doesn’t even mention the fact that my cousin lived with me, let alone had a signed affidavit for his laptop and was authorized to access the Intemet.
Furthermore, my attorney reached out to them to tell them these obvious facts. They responded saying, “Oh yeah, that’s exactly what we thought you’d say!” um, yes we were planning to use the truth? But nice work on the prediction? This conversation underscores that not only did they know my cousin lived with me and was authonzed, but they clearly knew he was the one accessing the Intemet but intentionally left him out of their ENTIRE letter to deceive the court. They also intimidated pretrial services into stating that he did not intend to give such “carte blanche authorization” for my cousin to handle my affairs indefinitely and that it was a misunderstanding (but still acknowledged our requests AND his subsequent approval!). Do you need ANY more evidence that the FBI and the ROACH are actively and maliciously lying and deceiving the judge for the sole purpose of denying me the last civil liberty I had left—my

freedom? They don’t play by the rules. The law doesn’t apply to them. A sense of honor and dignity don’t apply to them. They exist only to inflict maximum pain and suffering on all those who dare challenge them.

I finish speaking with my attorney and then I’m led back to the holding pen as I await my turn before tho judge, The judge orders me remanded into state custody since I am a “fugitive on arrest” (FOA), Once again, despite my innocence and STILL zero convictions, I am ordered into prison at the point ot a gun, Due to the FBI’s diabolical schemes. I am unable to travel to Virginia myself to handlo these outrageous allegations, Instead, I must rot in prison for 2 weeks as the FBI cheer and pat each other on the back for a job well-done. Surely, J. Edgar Hoover would beam With pride at the guileful way his agents circumvented the law and manipulated the system to throw an innocent man in prison; no doubt there was no coincidence that I’m arrested on the same day the ROACH sends a letter to the court claiming I violated my bail conditions No, it’s the double whammy effect to overwhelm the judge against me exactly as they planned from the very first day I was released on bail. Indeed. the long con proves the FBI always gets what it wants… eventually. And so finally I’m brought to the second prison I’ve ever been, the first in the state system to await intake.

The conditions of the state prison system are horrid and appalling beyond belief. I’m thrown into a pen the size of a small room with about 12 other guys. There’s not even enough room for all of us to sit on the concrete benches along the walls. The toiled in the back is broken and covered in feces, as is the entire surrounding area. There are used food trays littered and strewn about the floor haphazardly and it looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks, or even months. There are actual gnats, roaches, and various beetles everywhere. The unsanitary conditions are something from a foreign prison horror flick, but this is downtown Manhattan. The air itself is so rancid that it’s hardly even breathable there’s no AC or filter for the air either. We sit, stand, lay across the floor, and try to tolerate these conditions for 16 full hours before processing even BEGINS. No words currently exist in the English language to actually describe what it’s like to sit in this hellhole for 16 straight hours. People start to bang on the walls and door and shout like animals just to get an officer’s attention to get basic needs fulfilled. They forget to feed us and we continually yell about the broken, disgusting toilet because people need to use It—it’s not fixed for 6 hours and then they don’t even clean it. They don’t bring us water for nearly 8 hours and neglect every need until we bang like animals. They even refused to let a guy out who was so sick from the disgusting environment that he was gagging, about to throw up, and yelling for medical. No one came. No one cared. God forbid if anyone had a heart attack—they’d die right there in the cell. It’s downright inhumane. They cage people and treat them like animals so they behave like animals. It’s a complete breakdown of society and a failure to ensure basic human rights—not even civil rights anymore—basic human rights like food, water, air, etc. It’s an experience I wish I could record and somehow transfer to others so people could actually experience and truly empathize how incredibly evil this entire process is. It is actual torture, plain and simple; this is well beyond cruel and unusual punishment and each and every one of us was pretrial, not convicted slaves.

We were sleep deprived by the 24-hour bright lights and denied beds that night—forced to sleep with the roaches on the dirty, smelly, cold, hard floor without even the ability to lay down—there were too many of us and not enough floor. And so we sat up all night long until medical arrived at 9 AM to start that part of the intake process. It fook, in total, 40 hours—a full work week—to get a cell and a bed from the first time arriving at the Manhattan Detention Center. And I was a lucky one as most people took at least 2 full days if not well over 3 days for the entire intake process. The incredulous inhumanity of this place IS unlike any evil you’ve ever experienced. Seriously, where is the United Nations? Where are the human rights investigations? How is this acceptable? The tombs we were assigned were also heavily roachinfested and they scurried across my face and in my bed throughout the night. That first night was also the first snowfall of the year, but I was denied a blanket so I laid shivering in the fetal position all night long exhausted, but unable to sleep and ready for death to take me.

Due to these dreadful conditions including the awful food, broken showers that required you to press and hold a button for either freezing cold or burning hot water, roach infestation, and extremely violent individuals (fights breaking out almost every hour), the federal prison system was better. Well, the state system was simply closer to actual hell, a much larger infinity-magnitude; it was the real numbers infinity compared to the integers infinity—both prison systems asymptotically approaching hell, but one clearly much closer. Anyway, since I had to spend a week in the state system then go to federal court to defend against the prosecutor’s allegations that I violated my bail conditions, then spend another week in prison regardless before I was brought to Virginia for arraignment and bail there, my legal team decided that it would be better to CONSENT to federal remand on the conditions that I would be brought down to Virginia the following week, then return immediately to argue bail in federal court WITHOUT the whole sexual assault charges looming over me. Phew. Got all that? Basically, the Feds were doing anything and everything to keep me in prison exactly as they told us: I must now hire another attorney in Virginia and have two simultaneous cases against me, both of which seeking to deny me bail and remand me throughout trial—a process that could easily take 2-3 years each. Two cases. Two jurisdictions. Two lawyers. Two bail hearings. Great.

So there are 4 possible outcomes:

  • 00 — Lose in state court and get remanded; Lose in federal court and get remanded; RESULT:

  • 01 — Lose in state court and get remanded; Win in federal court; RESULT: REMAND

  • 10 — Win in state court; Lose in federal court and get remanded; RESULT: REMAND

  • 11 — Win in both and get released on excessive bail with harsh, unlivable conditions; RESULT:

So, the following week I’m taken to federal court in chains where we consent to remand without prejudice on the condition that the Feds allow me to go to Virginia and take care of that case first. And so I was turned back over the Marshalls and processed back into the federal system where I was transferred to a third person: 3 different prisons now in the span of 3 months—still ZERO convictions. No criminal convictions, no jury to find me guilty, no sentencing only judges who have found me guilty without a trial and forced me into prison at the point of a gun. American justice

The next week came and passed. The Virginia authorities were scheduled to pick me up on the 19th for my scheduled court date on the 21 st. No one came—I missed the Virginia court appearance. What happened? Everything was arranged, the paperwork signed, and the authorities set to pick me up. Take a guess what happened: the conniving, diabolical ROACH. ROACH. He did roach-Ilke things, He called the Virginia District Attorney and directly intervened to cancel the pickup and dictate to Virginia that they file a detainer against me instead. This evil ploy assured that I would not be deadlocked—Declared a danger to society because of the Virginia arrest on sexual assault, but unable to address this ridiculous, underlying issue because the Feds declared me a danger to society and had me remanded. So, I would be in federal prison because of a state charge that I was unable to fight because I was in federal prison. Outplayed again by deceptive liars who never intended to allow me to address the state issues as they knew it would be thrown out, Dishonorable demons Who had me set up from the get go, who circumvented a judge’s order to grant me bail from the very first day I left prison: Recall that the FBI setup the Virginia arrest the day I left prison; they knew my cousin was accessing my email and paying my bills because we had it approved by pretrial services. Thus, they malevolently setup and planned to deceived a federal judge just so they could strut their power and laugh menacingly as an innocent American patriot who hunted down terrorists and served his country honorably was dishonorably thrown in prison and tortured by this very same country he served. Forget the worthless Mueller investigation, the United States must immediately call a special counsel to investigate the FBI and federal prosecutors in this vindictive, maleficent handling of my case as well as others it’s incredibly disturbing that these people are operating with no supervision or accountability; the FBI must be entirely dissolved.

And so, due to this unspeakable evil, I was unable to spend Christmas in Texas with my family, but instead, in federal prison presumed guilty of a crime that I never committed. Don’t ever take your freedom for granted—hold loved ones close and cherish your precious time together; not only could they fall victim to some unpreventable tragedy or illness this time next year, but they may well fall victim to Big Brother Presumed guilty and tortured by the Police State. Be wary should you fall into the crosshairs of the vindictive federal government as they will unleash unlimited resources to crucify you.

To add insult to injury, the FBI also contacted my new federal prison and directed the warden to disable my TRULINCS email access. I had this access at the first federal prison and for several weeks at this new prison, up until I sent an email via TRULINCS to my lawyer commenting on the irony of now having more civil liberties in prison that I did under house incarceration. The next day my account was disabled. The FBI (or is it the KGB?) make no attempts to conceal their dirty, dishonorable tricks. And why should they? They’ve treated people like this for decades with impunity. And so now with my TRULINCS disabled, I had less access and rights in federal prison than murderers, rapists, and most ironically, terrorists.

The bail argument in federal court was a decisive loss. The ROACH lies and argues that Virginia found new evidence proving I’m guilty of the sexual assault despite the fact that the Virginia District Attorney tells my attorney that no, still all they have is what the FBI sent them, along with the directive to prosecute me. But, federal prosecutors are permitted to lie to a federal judge. In fact, the ludicrous idea of arguing a Virginia case in New York federal court on hearsay alone doesn’t even phase the judge he concurs with the ROACH that I am guilty of everything. The ROACH argues I violated my bail conditions, and this 300-year-old judge, who almost certainly dislikes the Internet and technology in general, and who definitely does not understand the most basic concept of modern technology (as his only experience is through his jitterbug phone), unequivocally rules that I clearly violated bail ipse dixit. Throughout my attorney’s argument, the judge actually makes snide comments and openly mocks hirm his bias it couldn’t have been clearer from the moment we stepped into the courtroom. He had his mind made up and there was nothing we could do or say. We had no chance. Incredulously, despite my attorney’s urging to ask pretrial services about our conversations, the judge blatantly refuses! The man’s Sitting right there and will tell you that we asked and he granted permission for my cousin to access the Internet (although, of course, he claims it was a misunderstanding and he didn’t intend to give us such carte blanche access, but there was clear effort to abide by the judge’s ruling nonetheless). Nope, the fix was in. The old white man was unfit to judge anyone fairly and held a clear bias. This is the American justice system. The federal prosecutor is all-powerful and need only whisper in the ear of his colleague, the judge, for everything to go his way.

And so I was directed to federal prison for the remainder of my case up through trial the official determination of my guilt or innocence—in federal prison presumed guilty. The crime that landed me in indefinite incarceration in America? Asking my cousin to pay the bills and Google “pretrial detention case law” whenever he gets a chance for my “Presumption of Innocence: Redress of Grievances”. Not only that, but my lawyer must obtain a security clearance to see the discovery, that, 5 months after my arrest I still haven’t seen for my case. I have no right to a speedy trial due to issues of national security and I must now wait 6-9+ months in federal prison for my attorney to obtain a security clearance before I can even start on my case. American justice at its finest.

Finally, I’m going to end this article with an early experience I had in this third federal prison, MCC, which I sent the warden. I never received any reply. I’ve realized that the Feds not only block Internet access here to prohibit us from assisting in our own cases, but also to raise an iron curtain across its inhumane prison system. Why do tyrannical governments ban Internet access from its citizens? One, to keep them ignorant of the outside world; and two, to prevent its citizens from unmasking the government’s facade. The Feds ban Internet access for the latter—can you image what would happen if tortured slaves tweeted from prison? “Yeah, the c/o just beat George senseless again for asking how many days until they feed us. LOL. #TheLifeOfASlave #AnotherDayAtMCC”. Their days of doing whatever they want without recourse, accountability, or punishment would end abruptly. So, obviously, forbid the slaves from free speech. In fact, let’s monitor all communication from prison and actively block anything negative about us. Anyway, here’s what happened to me at MCC:

As I was getting ready for bed after lockdown one night, I fell and cut my hand on my locked. There are no ladders for the upper bunk and traversing can sometimes be dangerous. I put pressure on my wound to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. Around 10:15 PM, I started pounding on my cell door for the C/O—Note, there is no other way to contact the C/O once we’re locked in our cages except to make noise and hope they hear. Once again, if you have a heart attack or something and can’t make noise then you will die here. The C/O eventually came around and I showed him my hand and told him that I’d been bleeding for 30 minutes and it won’t stop. I simply requested some basic first aid that should very easily be accessible in the United States. The officer claimed there was no first aid kit at all in the unit or ANY available medical assistance, but that he would call it in and return with help.
He never came back.

Around 11:00 PM, I began banging on the door again. This time he did not come at all. There was blood all over my cell, in the sink, the toilet, and no indication of it stopping any time soon. The officer didn’t know anything about my medical condition—my congenital heart defect and the blood thinners I had been on that inhibit the body’s natural blood clotting functionality to lower my high blood pressure — so I was legitimately concerned and needed medical assistance. Incredulously, the officer continued to ignore me after 15 minutes of loud banging so I began kicking the door and yelling so loudly that the entire tier woke up and began calling for the C/O as well. It is so degrading and humiliating to resort to such primal, animalistic behavior for self-preservation, but when you are thrust in a situation your will to survive kicks in and takes over—yet, this isn’t a lion chasing me, but a deep gash in my hand while locked helplessly in a cage. Recall that, once again, I have never been convicted of a crime (l just really can’t stress that enough), and yet J am treated as if I have no basic human rights no right to medical aid or assistance; no right to life. It took another 20 minutes for the officer to respond. 20 minutes of humiliating door-kicking and yelling just to get the officer’s attention. When he finally did respond, he was visibly upset and irritated. He told me to “shut the fuck up and go to bed”. He then turned and started walking away, murmuring that he can’t get any sleep here. Sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep on the job for my health. Clearly the officer took this shift because he thought it would be easy as all the slaves are locked away in cages, so there’s nothing to do. As he walked off, I yelled after him, asking his name, and he turned and ran back to my cell door and yelled, “Clarke. That’s Clarke with an ‘E’, bitch. Do you want me to write it down for you on a BP8? Huh?” He continued to intimidate me and threaten to send me to the box (solitary confinement) all-the-while insinuating that I was simply overreacting because he had seen similar cuts on people all the time and it seemed perfectly fine to him. He again called me a bitch, then walked across the hall to the cell across from mine and began to mock me with the other inmates asking,
“Can you believe this little bitch here?”
He laughed and taunted me before finally walking away. I had no idea what to do now since I was continuing to bleed and had been completely humiliated, ignored, and vilified by the officer responsible for my well-being. This is incredibly unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable behavior. It’s a clear violation of federal law and civil rights. The officer eventually came back with a few Band-Aids, threw them at me and said, “Why don’t you stick your finger up your ass to stop the bleeding, bitch?” as he laughed and walked away.

The officer’s medical expertise and recommendation is indicative of ineffective training and a lack of morality that I find appalling. How can the Federal Bureau of Prisons condone and encourage such abhorrent behavior? I never received an answer as the warden ignored me. No repercussions. There is no accountability here. We are slaves and are treated as such.

But I say to you: Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. But I say to you: Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who persecute you.

—John Galt

8. Presumption of Innocence: Origins

My case involves WikiLeaks and the Vault 7/8 release. I worked for the National Security Agency and then the Central Intelligence Agency up through the end of 2016. I was one of the CIA ‘s top engineers responsible for developing malware and other software and hardware solutions targeting adversaries across the world in an effort to protect U.S. interests and gather meaningful intelligence for the policymakers in Washington. I enjoyed my work and considered serving my country as a great and humbling honor. I joined the CIA because of 9/11—the day of infamy for our generation. I was only in the 7th grade at the time, but my heart beat in unison with America; I felt the powerful emotion it evoked as the United States came together like never before. As a proud and patriotic Texan, I wanted to avenge my country. Nearly 10 years later I had the chance as I was able to play my part in an operation to verify UBC’s location that ultimately led to his demise and justice for the thousands of victims from that fateful day. I continued to hunt down terrorists and prevent planned tenorist attacks against the United States and her allies.

Unfortunately, this was disrupted by incompetent management and bureaucracy is as common in the federal government. My fellow developers and operators were generally successful despite management’s best efforts to derail and disrupt our work with meaningless process, nonsensical directives, a lack of leadership, and incoherent babble and buzzwords that only confirmed our suspicions that management literally had no idea or understanding of what we did and therefore could not possibly lead us. Engineering and technology had never really been understood by the Agency. In fact, before I transferred to the CIA, my NSA colleagues would often criticize and disparage the CIA as the “Clowns in Action”, the “Northern Virginia Check Dispensary’, or even mocked as the 23 rd best intelligence agency in the WDC area. Unfortunately, the Agency along with many federal agencies employ the largest share of mouth breathers of any equivalently-sized Fortune 500 company and these people typically get “promoted out of the problem” all the way to the top since it is impossible to fire anyone within the government. But, you deal with the incompetent and idiotic nature of the bureaucracy for the mission. This incompetence, however, sometimes puts national security in jeopardy. I reported numerous security vulnerabilities that I discovered within our network and particularly issues with system administration, backup, and protection of some of our prominent tool sets. I was continually met with pushback and retaliatory responses that ultimately forced me to resign. My final acts were to file complaints with the OIG and the House Select Committee on Intelligence to hopefully prevent future retaliatory actions against others.

Although I was sad to leave the CIA’s mission behind, I had high hopes for my future. I moved to the great New York City to work for a prestigious software company. The work, management, and leadership at this new company were in stark contrast to the government: Highly intelligent and motivated people from diverse backgrounds all working in seamless harmony. It was a wonderfill experience and superb work environment. My future plans were to work for this coinpany for several years while living in illustrious Manhattan while building up my own business. As I left the Agency I recognized a gaping hole existed for computer/network security expertise. How many colupanies have been victims Of attacks that have compromised client and customer data? Dating back to the Sony hacks, Target, etc. There was a clear lack of understanding from CEOs how to adequately secure private data. I assume most simply did not want to pay the security costs that the CTOs and others were quoting which ultimately led to significantly increased costs not only directly but also in loss to reputation and future business. Instead of delaying costs needed to secure network and data from hostile attacks both from possible state actors and criminal organizations alike, they needed to act quickly. I saw this need of direction and consulting as an excellent business opportunity from someone very familiar from the offensive side. I believed that I could leverage my experience and expertise with software architecture, development, and deployment of malware along with my networking and system administration skill set to provide a unique knowledge and opportunity to the economy. I already had a massive server that I ran to provide services and share with other like-minded developers across the world. I originally set up my server as a hobby in high school and it eventually grew in scale from the first Mandriva and Slackware servers to an entire server rack running various VMS with massive storage potential exceeding 50 TiB and incredible processing power. I loved my association with the open source movement and often spent my own time reverse engineering proprietary software to release open source projects to compete. I participated in folding@home, storage@home, TOR, bitcoin mining, and other distributed computing projects to contribute what little I could for the hopes of a better world. In my youth I was moved by the literature of Ray Kurzweil: The man is right—Technology is advancing exponentially as we approach the Singularity—the merger of humanity with technology and our transcendence of biology and the corresponding limits it imposes. We have already rendered natural selection inert, “survival of the fittest” deprecated, and soon we will possess the technology to evolve at will as we achieve immortality. No, this isn’t science fiction. Kurzweil inspired me to become a computer engineer in the first place and I always hoped to play a pivotal role in overseeing the emergence of the revolutionary technology that will inevitably empower our species to transform energy into information and flood the cosmos with our intelligence. I loved the world of technology, engineering, and innovation and I hoped to participate in as many different groups as possible and to meet as many people as possible. At my peak, I had 50-100+ different users utilizing my servers for all kinds of different activities from storage space to development, reverse engineering, gaming, etc. The sky was the limit for my hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Unfortunately, my life was totally destroyed by government incompetence and malfeasance. On March 7th 201 7, WikiLeaks unveiled “Vault 7” which were classified documents from my old group’s internal development network. I was the only one to have recently departed this group on poor terms while disclosing vulnerabilities in the system all the while planning to visit Cancun with my brother during Spring Break in the following week. Due to these unfortunate coincidences the FBI ultimately made a snap Judgement that I was guilty of the leaks and targeted me. The FBI illegally, with malicious intent and blatant disregard for the truth, filed a broad search warrant for all electronic devices at my new residence in New York City. It did not matter that in the year that elapsed since the alleged commission of the crime, I had purchased and/or reconfigured all my devices as I do yearly due to Moore’s law; it did not matter that they did not specifically know of any electronic devices or specify any particular server, desktop, or phone in my apartment, but instead simply stated “most people have electronic devices so we suspect he does too, and we want them all.”; It did not matter that the search warrant provided no direct evidence of my involvement and in fact no evidence at all that linked my house in Virginia at the time or any of my devices to the alleged crime; In fact, it did not matter that ALL the probable cause used against me was ENTIRELY WRONG and direct fabrications that the FBI themselves acknowledged in subsequent search warrants which all refuted the initial probable cause. The FBI set an artificial and misguided deadline on the night before I was to depart NYC for Cancun to prevent me from leaving the country. Despite my insistence with them that the notion someone would flee the country AFTER the publication literally made no sense—if it were me communicating with WikiLeaks then obviously I would have made damn sure to leave BEFORE it happened—they were persistent in their belief that I was guilty. The FBI literally told me that everyone ”up to the top” knew we were having this conversation and that “they” could not afford to let me leave the country. “They” could not afford another national embarrassment like Snowden. “They” would not, under any circumstances, allow me to leave the country. The FBI were prepared and willing to do anything and everything to prevent me from leaving the country including threaten my immediate arrest arrest unless I surrendered my passport. I did NOT initially consent, but the FBI held me against my will without any arrest warrant and even actively disrupted my attempts to contact an attomey. Intimidated, fearful, and without counsel, I eventually consented. I was immediately suspended from work and spent the next 6 months assisting the FBI in their investigation through various proffer sessions while they intimidated, harassed, and deceived all those close to me until soon only my family remained at my side. Despite my honest and forthright cooperation that undoubtedly put their investigation on track for the first time, the FBI dispatched a horde of agents to intimidate and threaten every person I ever knew, including my entire family in Texas. The FBI shamefully told my mother that they found an extremist conservative blog I wrote in high school that exemplified my anti-government sentiment. The Libertarian blog ironically discussed the dangers of Big Brother and the federal government’s unrelenting encroachment of civil liberties. I quoted George Orwell’s 1984 and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (hence the deviation of my pseudonym, John Galt). This open political contempt is not only an affront to every Texan and Libertarian but also to every American across the entire political spectrum.

At some point the FBI realized their mistake and submit multiple additional search warrants with a revised set of probable cause taken from subpoenas that used probable cause obtained from the first search warrant. What did these new search warrants say? They stated that the initial probable cause was actually all entirely wrong, but they tried their hardest in their
attetnpts to obtain it so the wan-ant is still legal. Does that sound right to you? What followed froni the FBI •s mitial raid of my apartment was a rollercoaster of emotion and drama that could only be encapsulated in an entire Hollywood Inovie cach month of my life. I only hoped it would all end as quickly as it began.

Anyway, despite my help on the case they persisted in their investigation of me. I suppose when your boss asks how the investigation is gomg it’s much easier to say “Boy, he’s a slippery son-of-a-gun but we got him sir, it’ll be any day now.” Then to be honest and say, “No sir, we made a critical error on day one where our agents immediately settled in on a suspect due to their flawed reasoning, logic, and technical skills as well as incomplete and sloppy investigative skills. Due to this misjudgment we most likely missed our opportunity and will never catch the culprit.” The FBI’s incompetence and wrongful accusations against a CIA intelligence officer are reminiscent of the Hanson investigation. There, too, the FBI wrongfully accused a CIA officer of espionage and they destroyed his entire life due to these accusations alone. The FBI jumps to conclusions and then creates evidence in their own confirmation bias; The FBI has unlimited power to destroy lives and zero supervision or accountability. They never approach any investigation like a scientist approaches a problem, and as such their preconceived notions and biases drive their “investigation” where instead of seeking truth and justice, they seek only corroborating evidence and therefore cherry-pick data to support the conclusion that they started with. Incredulously, once an FBI investigation initiates, it will always results in criminal proceedings against SOMEONE for SOMETHING. Despite literally no evidence against me, and in fact, only uncovering proof of my innocence, they double-down. The FBI unethically, immorally, deceptively, and illegally task my former mentor to fly up from South Carolina to meet me without my attorneys and proceed to attempt to coerce a confession from me while wearing a wire. My lawyers and I respond by starting a conversation with the Associated Press. The FBI arrest me shortly thereafter.

I’m arrested and charged with a crime that had nothing to do with the initial search warrant and that I was completely innocent. The U.S. Attorney unethically and immorally misleads the court regarding what the initial investigation was about, when they found the illicit materials, and the fact that they did not think I was involved for 5 months until their initial investigation came up empty. I’m denied bail and thrown into prison immediately and they use the situation as leverage telling my attorney every day that he can make this huge embarrassment and misunderstanding all go away if only I would agree to cooperate on the WikiLeaks investigation and admit to it. They admit, unabashedly that these entire charges are nothing more than a ruse, an attempt at leverage to break me.

This was their mistake; they did not truly know their enemy. If the FBI had actually reviewed my security file at the CIA, not only would they find successful background investigations and polygraphs, but also my psychological evaluation which consists of the following vices: arrogance and extreme self-confidence, unrelenting determination, and righteous indignation. Should I be wronged, I will fight with every ounce of strength that I can muster. I will see this through to the very end and fight until the day a jury of my peers finds me guilty and sentences me to 20 years In pnson or they find me with 22 self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the back of the head.

So, the FBI and AUSA decided to torment me In the exact same manner they use agamst almost everyone—dishonesty, deception, and extreme aggression. In their minds they have arrested me for treason and they proceed through my case as If that were so. Alas, that ts not what I have been arrested. I have been arrested for not adequately poltctng my servers enough to detect and destroy illicit materials. I am arrested as a small business owner and entrepreneur who ran a complex network of many servers, desktops, VMS, and backups across multiple subnets of which only 0.097% of the data was found to be illicit. The remaining 99.9% were used for good. Since I owned the servers, and as they would argue, I also owned the data and therefore was criminally liable. Can you imagine the precedence that this sets? The fear and Intimidation it will invoke in my fellow tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs? Can you imagine the CEO of Google being held cnminally liable for something found on Google’s network? It’s outrageous and unprecedented.

Speaking of unprecedented, what about the incredible counter intelligence and national security implications? The FBI, in all its brilliance, has just taken a semor techmcal intelligence officer in the highest echelon of the American Intelligence Community and highest security clearance with intimate knowledge of the NSA, CIA, and all projects and operations he’s worked and assisted, including the names of assets, specifics of covert action authorized by President Barack Obama, NIPF priorities, current and future targets, vulnerabilities in intelligence networks as previously reported, names of intelligence secrets, SIGINT operations and the locations of sensitive collection equipment within the United States and around the world, military secrets and contingency plans, and an eidetic memory to boot and they have arrested him for a crime they know he did not commit to use it as leverage in a crime where they incorrectly believe he has already leaked classified information. Hmmm. Does that sound like the most intelligent move, really? Obviously this isn’t intended as a threat, but just a CI thought experiment where you take a step back and examine the situation. The United States government has a vital interest in safeguarding national security and especially the names of those who nsk their lives to spy on their own countries for the US. Does it seem like a good idea, then, to directly compromise and jeopardize these people? I don’t think in the history of intelligence
something so idiotic has even been done, but leave it to the US to be the first to do it. Let’s take our own people worth billions of dollars of intelligence and let’s illegally throw them in prison and start fucking with them until they are bankrupt and completely compromised and vulnerable. The United States government has done the job of a foreign adversary to exploit its own intelligence officers. Essentially, it’s the same as taking a soldier in the military, handing him a rifle, and then begin beating him senseless to test his loyalty and see if you end up getting shot in the foot or not. It just isn’t smart.

As an intelligence officer for both the NSA and the CIA, I have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. After spending most of my adult life fighting terrorism and defending my country, I can assure the American people that the single greatest threat to liberty, freedom, and the Constitution is NOT ISIS or some other distant threat, but the federal government itself and the corrupt judicial system that hypocritically feigns moral superiority. I will always love my country and it’s this love that drives me to fight for justice and shed light on our government’s failures.

America: And ye Shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

—John Galt

7. Presumption of Innocence: A Proposed Solution

The purpose of this redress of grievances is to illustrate to the American people that our criminal justice system is incredibly broken; there does not exist a presumption of innocence, fairness, or justice. The judges and officers of the court up to the Supreme Court itself should be ashamed. They have tailed to safeguard the Constitution and have, in fact, assisted in the erosion of our civil liberties. They have thiled to protect vulnerable citizens. They have failed to properly utilize the checks and balances of the federal government to enforce the fundamental principles of a Republic: The rule of the majority, but the protection of those in the minority through law. Even though the poor and those accused of crimes are in the minority, the courts are supposed to protect them and prevent Congress from passing laws that specifically target them. The

Constitution and rule of law is what separates us from oppressive governments and is the reason for our revolution 250 years ago. Instead, the law has been perverted and twisted into an offensive tool used aggressively to target and destroy many lives. Our perception of law, order, and peace keepers has been corrupted into a system focusing on punishment and incarceration. We have lost human dignity and compassion as we heartlessly send human lives through the meat grinder that is the prison industrial complex. Sorry Ben Franklin, but we were unable to keep the Republic you gave us.

This despicable “justice system” in conjunction with the prison industrial complex and our desire to punish over rehabilitate has created a destructive system of mass incarceration that guarantees repeat offenders and dooms entire generations to this inevitable cycle of enslavement. Those people directly affected see this corrupt and unfair system which consequently completely undermines the notion ofjustice, law, and order as these disenfranchised people will not recognize the authority or authenticity of the law. And how could you expect them to? It should be clear why we have this contentious atmosphere between police and minorities. The police are the face of the legal system, but the true failure lies with the lawyers, judges, and politicians who have created a caste system where the lives of the poor truly do not matter; they are but fodder and fuel to drive this system. America, the time for reform is upon us.

I humbly ask the American people to step up and challenge our government to fix these disgraceful problems afflicting the justice system. Rise up, the second Civil Rights Movement is upon us. Become a part of history that will resonate throughout time. Do you have the same passion and resolve as the Americans from the 1960s? The courage? We the people have the power to force changes upon our government.

1.) Preventive Detention and Bail Reform: Regardless of your political views, I think that we can all agree that there SHOULD exist a presumption of innocence and a desire to treat the accused fairly and in accordance with the Constitution as envisioned by our forefathers. Surely, YOU would want to be treated fairly. And clearly, a federal judge declaring a defendant guilty upon his arrest is incompatible with a presumption of innocence In fact; the entire concept of bail—that a defendant must pay money for the privilege to leave prison and assist in his own defense is abhorrent. Is there anything more corrupt than to demand a bribe for prison release? Are we truly afraid that in 2017 sonleone may not show up to court and the government couldn’t track them down? Also. I’d tlunk you would agree that forcing a defendant to live in an apartment he cannot afford and banning hiln from purchasmg food, attending mass, going to the gym, working, or openmg his apartment door Cor any reason is not compatible with a presumption of innocence either; nor is banning sotneone from a computer especially in this day and age where internet access is critical for paying bills and very basic communication. All of these things are, in fact, punishments. They very idea of punishing the accused before a trial is contrary to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”. It is un-American. I therefore propose the following amendment:

Abolishment of bail. Every American citizen accused of a crime has a presumption of innocence and therefore cannot be incarcerated unless convicted of a crime. No exceptions. Release conditions such as surrendering passports, GPS monitoring, and restricted travel can be applied to people accused of a violent crime or those who have previously evaded court. Strict home incarceration can only be applied in the most extreme of circumstances where someone has been accused of mass murder or acts of terror which would call their mental state into question, but all costs must be covered by the government.

This is just an example, but the key here is not allowing any wiggle room for pretrial detention; lawyers will take advantage of any law allowing restrictions. My proposal also restricts the use of extreme bail conditions except for special cases. I think it’s reasonable to assume those accused of mass murder or acts of terror may not be in a right state-of-mind psychologically and thus may continue such acts against themselves or others. We must be careful, though. The federal government is not pre-crime: Concerns that someone might commit another crime cannot override his liberty. Today, judges fear releasing an individual who then commits a crime against someone—they fear the new headlines and the threat to their judgeship so they decide to override the rights of the accused since this is the safe option; there are no headlines and no one cares if an innocent man is thrown in prison as long as he’s been accused of a crime. Judges fear the majority and override the rights of the minority in face of that fear. This needs to stop. As a free society we must allow individuals to make their own choices. If an accused released on pretrial commits murder then that is a tragedy, but it is no one’s fault but the accused. The emotional attempt to justify and infringe upon the rights of the accused and his free choice based on the fear that he would choose to harm someone in the future is antithetical with a free society and the very concept of liberty.

2.) Mandatory Sentencing and Prison Reform: The justice system should focus on rehabilitation. Mandatory sentencing clearly focuses on punishment and guaranteeing the prison industrial complex. Recall the court’s assessment in Brady v. United States in 1970 regarding plea bargaining and the fear of large or coercive incentives that could overrule the defendant’s ability to act freely or give rise to a significant number of innocent people pleading guilty. Mandatory sentencing provides this and directly over-rules defendant’s abilities to act freely as is clearly evident in the 970/0 plea rate. Mandatory sentencing also undermines the entire system of justice since it couples the trial verdict with sentencing which has never happened in the history of US law. Judges exist to judge the particular person, crime, and circumstance since all cases di ffer. Mandatory sentencing effectively ties the judge’s hands and completely undermines justice. We must categorically reject mandatory sentencing.

Incarceration at all should be much more limited—non-violent offenses especially should not result in jail time. What of victimless crimes? How can something with no victim even be labeled a crime at all? Our current sentencing guidelines are far too harsh and only destroy lives of both the convicted and the convict’s family and children. Prison is truly cruel torture that should only be used if absolutely necessary. I mean, what is the point? What is the point of sending a man to prison for 10 years for robbing a bank when he did so without violence, was caught 15 minutes later, and all money was promptly returned to the bank? This is what happened to one of my cellmates. 15 minutes after his crime it was literally nullified as if nothing happened and yet he has to serve an entire decade in prison. Tell me, truly, what benefit to society is this? How does this help society or this man? Prison and prison sentencing are far too harsh when we should be focusing on rehabilitation instead. We should be helping these people—psychologists and support groups and support programs to help people get back on track and become contributing members of society. Now, obviously, I’m not saying that we don’t need prisons at all. Clearly, some crimes certainly warrant punishment and we do want to dissuade crime with punishment, but that shouldn’t be our primary focus.

Consider this, in an article published by the Justice Policy Institute titled “Finding Direction: Expanding Criminal Justice Options by Considering Policies of Other Nations” in April of 2011 , they found that the U.S. uses prison in response to offenses more often than comparison nations. Of adults sentenced between 1995 and 2000, the United States sentenced 70% of them to prison compared to 33.8% in Canada, 9.2% in England and Wales, 7.2% in Finland, and 7.5% in Germany. The other countries primarily used fines as punishment, but also utilized this notion o “warnings” that does not even exist in the United States. Clearly, they are trying to help and uplift their people instead of focusing on “tough on crime” and complete and utter destruction o those who commit a crime. Not surprisingly, in addition to using prison as punishment 2-7X as often as the comparison nations, we also sentence people to prison terms 3X longer. Controlling for the specific crime, the United States sentenced people 4X longer than Finland, England, and Wales. The average sentence length for all crimes in the United States is over 5 years. The average for all other countries aside from Australia is measured in months (less than a year). The Justice Policy Institute concludes the following:

When comparison nations do give a sentence of incarceration, the sentence is usually shorter than in the U.S. In the U.S., many believe that longer prison sentences remove people from the community so that they cannot engage in illegal behavior, and that the threat of sever punishment would deter this participation, thus protecting public safety. However, countries lower prison populations and shorter prison sentences do not necessarily have higher rates of victimization or reported crime.
The lack of evidence that there is a measurable, consistent correlation between public safety and incarceration across comparison nations indicates that there is opportunity to consider that less incarceration and shorter sentences might yield similar public safety results without the expense or negative impact to people and communities.

U.S. research shows little to no correlation between time spent in prison and recidivism rates. So, these longer sentences do not serve to reduce crime or assist society at all; all they do is keep people in a cycle of slavery and poverty. In fact, similar to the teacher-student ratio and the relationship between class size and achievement, the ratio between prison terms and come is likely also parabolic; at some point beyond the vertex, the increased sentence length begins to have the contradictory effect of encouraging future crime not to mention this effect on the defendant’s family and friends. We are certainly well beyond this vertex. Land of the free indeed.

Let’s put an end to prison as a default and most common form of sentencing. Ironically, society’s move away from an eye-for-an-eye and quick punishment justice such as stockade or even whippings to long-term incarceration is considerably less moral and just. Our preference to lock people in cages like animals for decades is pure torture, but somehow civilized in comparison to simply beating a man and releasing him. Which would you prefer? Let’s take my cellmate convicted of bank robbery—do you believe perhaps a fine or something besides a prison sentence would have been better? Do you think he would rather be beaten or serve a decade in prison? This concept of prison is peculiar too, isn’t it? Let’s take hundreds of convicted and accused people and throw them together for decades. Surely they would never dare to discussing committing future crimes or perfecting their methods to avoid getting caught in the future or networking to meet and plan with other convicts. Brilliant. I propose the following amendment:

No mandatory sentencing requirements are constitutional. The justice system must focus on rehabilitation: Psychologists and support staff must be provided to all accused in addition to their legal counsel. All prisons must be run directly by the government and cannot be contracted to private companies. The prison population must be capped at 250 prisoners per 100,000 citizens (.25% of the population). No first time non-violent offense can ever result in jail time, and the use of warnings and fines are preferred over prison.

We must put an end to mandatory sentencing and the prison industrial complex. We must considerably reduce our prison population and sentencing guidelines.

3.) The Good Faith Exception and Warrants: It is contrary to due process and the guarantee of life, liberty, and property for the federal government to confiscate private property without recourse or the ability to contest the judge’s decision of the existence of probable cause. The notion that you should have blind trust in the government is entirely counter to the founding principles of this country. We should be able to immediately view any evidence presented for probable cause and be able to challenge it in court. The process for discovery in criminal cases must also be streamlined. It should not be acceptable that evidence is kept until right before trial. I’m not even comfortable accepting that the responsibility for determining what evidence should
and should not be turned over to the defense is the prosecutor.

Any and all warrants Including for search and seizure can be immediately challenged in court and the probable cause and all evidence used to assert probable cause is immediately discoverable. The good faith exception to the exclusionary rule is rejected; if the judge finds that probable cause did not exist and/or that he would not have approved the warrant then the warrant must be immediately thrown out. The government must promptly turn over all evidence collected in federal cases. The prosecution no longer has the discretion of determining what can be turned over—All evidence including notes by the prosecutors and police officers must be handed over. Additionally, all prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement have no immunity from civil litigation or criminal prosecution; All must be held responsible for any mal feasance or other misconduct and no one can hide behind a shield of immunity from justice.

4.) Payment and Reimbursement: The concept of “innocent until proven guilty” also clearly aligns with the government paying all associated expenses up until conviction.

The government must pay all expenses incurred during a criminal trial excluding any outside attorney, but including the necessary hiring of experts. If arrest results in firing then the government must pay the individual what his wages would have been including benefits such as health insurance, etc. If the case is thrown out or the accused is found not-guilty on all charges then he must be entirely compensated for all expenses including outside attorneys and his time.

These or similar amendments are absolutely critical in laying a foundation for criminal justice reform and restoring civil liberties that Congress and the Courts have eroded over the years.

5.) The Qualifications Amendment: We must adjust our political system so people don’t become federal prosecutors just to build their political resume on taking lives:

Ban all individuals with law degrees and bar certifications from public office. Federal prosecutors are ineligible for judgeship until 5 active years of defending clients in criminal cases. All elected officials are henceforth limited to 2-terms; There is no longer any age restriction for eligibility of elected offices.

These proposed solutions will not solve all the problems, but they do tackle some of the most prominent civil rights issues that many of us so naively thought were already guaranteed by law. If the American people can come together on these issues then we can force Congress to take immediate action. Only together can we keep the government at bay and forever break the wheel that has been crushing us for years. Until these civil rights are properly restored then the American people should take the following actions:

  • All convened Grand Juries decline all indictments

  • All juries utilize jury nullification in trials where defendants have been denied these liberties including pretrial detention, charges resulting in mandatory sentences, questionable warrants, and absurd prison sentence guidelines

  • All countries halt extradition to the United States on the grounds of human rights violations and international treaty violations. Your citizens are doomed in the American criminal justice system as they will be presumed guilty, detained in federal prison pretrial, and coerced into pleading guilty. Remember, the United States extols liberty but subjugates and enslaves its own people— so how could foreign citizens even stand a chance?

  • All countries Persona Non Grata (PNG) all U.S. law enforcement from your countries as they are seeking to entrap, manipulate, and extort your citizens and confiscate their property as they trample their liberty– Take back sovereignty of your countries.

  • All states Persona Non Grata (PNG) all federal law enforcement from your state. Take back your lands stolen by the federal government and your state’s sovereignty and rights; The United States government must once again fear its people: E pluribus Unum.

  • A call to the United Nations Human Rights group to investigate America’s hypocrisy. Human rights are violated every single day right on your own doorstep. You need only send envoys to investigate and validate these truths– Please step up and stand up for human rights.

Only then will there be motivation for change.

America: You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.

—John Galt

6. Presumption of Innocence: Can You Afford to Be Accused?

Federal indictments against you are prohibitively expensive. I would not recommend the experience. Regardless of the outcome your life is forever changed. If you owned a home or had a 401k or any life savings before the indictment, you will have none of them after. The cost of legal defense pre-indictment will run you $30,000-50,000 conservatively. Additionally, the courts have ruled you are not entitled to legal defense until after you’ve been arrested. The cost of legal defense dunng pretrial will run you an additional $60k-$150k. The cost of a trial will run you from $100,000 to $250,000+. The total I have spent so far through pretrial is $150,000. I’ve also spent an additional ~$18,000 on rent and other miscellaneous expenses. I’ve lost my job. health insurance, friends, my reputation, and an entire year of my life—and this is only the beginning.

After some time in prison my attorney re-argued bail and I was released with the following restrictions: 24-hour home incarceration under strict pre-trial supervision, surrender all passports and agree not to obtain any new passports, avoid all contact directly or indirectly with any victims or witnesses, not possess a firearm, submit to GPS location monitoring, refrain from possessing a computer, any electronic device, or accessing the internet. They even went so far as to ban my Roku, Amazon echo, fitbit, and HD Homerun, but allow my Smart TV. It was argued that my background in the tech industry could have an impact or interfere in the case including pretrial’s ability to monitor my access. My understanding is the only additional condition of release that I did not get was private security detail to immediately shoot me if I violated any condition. Also note that the magistrate judge who remanded me was not punished. In fact, there is no consequence for the government for wrongfully detaining people.

I was told that since I was under house incarceration that I was banned from even opening my apartment door—I could not take out the trash down the hall, use the fitness room in my apartment, use the apartment deck, shop for groceries, attend mass, or even vote in the upcoming election. The only reason I could leave was for court appearances or attorney visits which had to be approved at least 48 hours in advance. Recall that all these restrictions have been imposed on me simply because I was accused of a crime.

The ability to leave prison was a huge improvement. I could finally write and call family and my attorney without restrictions. The big problem though is trying to figure out how to live when I can’t buy food, take out trash, or use the internet, Today, everything is done online so it’s incredibly difficult when the court specifically bans you from it. They could easily monitor access, but the prosecution loves making your life difficult so anything they can do to make you miserable, uncomfortable, and stressed they will do. They didn’t actually believe I was a danger to society but they lied and argued it because they know prison breaks people. They didn’t need to restrict me to house incarceration with no internet access, but they know it makes it difficult for me to assist on my case; I can only contact my attorneys by phone, I have to schedule meetings two days in advance, I can’t see any computer-related evidence against me because most of it is too voluminous to actually print, and for the stuff we can print I have to pay to print it and then I can’t easily search it. I can’t do research on the law or for specifics on my case, I can’t look up my charges or research similar past cases, and in fact I actually have less access under home Incarceration then I did in prison because prison offered a single terminal for the law library which provided various legal documents in electronic format. J am literally in the dark and relying entirely on my attorney. Banning computer and internet access when both can be easily monitored by pretrial services serves only one purpose: To violate my 6th amendment right to a fair trial by preventing the person with the most knowledge and insight on my casc from fully engaging and working on it. I mean, I’ve been fired and I’m banned from working so I could at least be delving into the discovery and assisting my attorney on prioritizing and deciphenng the data yet the court specifically bans me from doing so. All I can do each day is write notes by hand and flip through the TV while hoping and praying my attorney does a good job. What fairness is this? The level of frustration is insurmountable.

In addition to the inability to work on my case or use minimum entertainment services such as Netflix or Amazon prime to distract me, the lack of internet forces financial constraints as well: I have to call a trustworthy individual and give them my email and password as well as logins for credit card services, my USAA login, etc. I need to have them pay my rent monthly on my behalf as well as credit cards and other loan payments and any other recurring payments. I need to make sure my bank accounts have adequate funds as well so I have to direct the liquidation of my retirement accounts and other assets to cover all my expenses. I have to arrange to cancel my gym membership—which typically requires you to do so in person and cancel Netflix and any and all possible memberships that I can possibly think to do. Talking and coordinating with people is also extremely difficult because I have to explain that I cannot do this over the internet or email or text.

It’s a heavy burden for those who help you and tensions run high when I try to walk them through the various logins and maneuver sites without seeing what they are doing all the while relying on my memory from several months before I was even in prison. Not to mention the fact that my online security is far less reliant on passwords that can be easily stolen or intercepted, but instead on two-factor authentication and other methods which make it almost impossible for others to access any of my accounts especially considering my cell phone was confiscated. I have to call and cancel my various medical and dental appointments because I am no longer permitted to attend and no longer have insurance anyway. I have to purchase my medication out-of-pocket now and get it delivered somehow. Oh, and since I no longer have insurance I’m now breaking the law and need to figure out how to attain insurance—but how? I can’t access the internet to do research or presumably sign up on the Obamacare exchanges. In fact, now that I am banned from working and have all these expenses, I need to figure out how to get on government assistance if I even can? I’ve never been on welfare or anything like that in the past, but how do I continue living if the government forced me at the point of a gun to remain in my apartment for 24-hours a day and bans me from working? The government has reduced a man who has been earning an honest wage and contributing to society both in taxes and charity to now beg for government assistance. How is all of this even legal at all?? Anyway, I’d like to research into unemployment, welfare, and Medicaid, but how can I do so? Can I even apply for these programs without the internet? The government has made me so completely helpless that J must depend on others for literally everything including all the basic necessities of life. I ask my attorneys how the government can do this and how people pay for this? They tell me that most people can’t even afford this month or two that I’ve bought myself outside prison. Most people can’t even post bail. Most people never make it this far to encounter these problems. Once again money plays a key factor in our justice system. Time and time again if the system proves anything it’s that you are guilty until proven wealthy. I’m told that at least I’m out. Yeah, but at what cost? And for how long? What happens when I’ve sold everything and I have debt to my eyeballs and can’t take out another loan? What happens then? Sure, It’s a huge improvement to be out of prison but the added stress and anxiety is unbearable. It takes a huge toll on my health too because now I can’t exercise by court order or even get any fresh air at all. My body aches and pains as a result and I lose weight and all the muscle I had before as at one point I worked out daily for years. My resting heart rate rises from a 60bpm average to over 100bpm average. Human beings were not meant to be confined to a 700 square foot apartment for months any more than they were meant to be confined in prison. I feel that something is wrong physically, but what can I do really? No insurance, no money, no permission to leave, and no ability to do research or try to utilize online resources. My physical body and psychological state-of-mind are stretched to a breaking point.
This is the price you must pay when accused of a crime in the United States of America. Well, at least I’m out of prison and my 8 th amendment rights are no longer infringed. We still have issues with the 6th amendment and my ability to see evidence against me, work on my case in any context, or have a fair trial at all due to these issues. There’s still a 5th amendment issue with regards to deprivation of life, liberty, and property without due process of law—these restrictions on me are in no way legal, feasible, or moral. 4th? Pretrial services can walk in my residence unannounced at any time and seize anything they deem is a violation of my conditions of release and then immediately have me remanded. Obviously, my 2nd amendment right is completely trampled—it literally and specifically states in my bail that I am banned from possession of any firearm. I really don’t think you can find a more absolute and blatant example of a direct and obvious violation of my civil liberties, because you need not infer anything. Recall that I am only accused of a crime, and a non-violent and victimless crime at that which did not involve a firearm or any weapon. Why ban firearms? Why home incarceration at all actually? The violation of my first amendment is actually just as blatant and self-evident. In the description for the home detention program it specifically states that you are permitted to leave your residence for religious services. Under home incarceration, the program I am under, it states a 24-hour-a-day lockdown and is completely devoid of a religious services exemption. I am banned by law from practicing my religion. Does anyone actually still think that I have civil liberties?

I am prohibited from free speech—I own internet-capable devices, but I cannot have them at my residence or even use the internet to practice free speech even though I still pay for it. How do I communicate these notes that I’m even writing? In fact, this is the second time that I have written all this by hand. My first attempt was while I was in prison, but they don’t let you take anything out with you. It’s been several months since I’ve been out and I doubt I’ll ever see those notes again so all my writing was done in vain. Will anyone ever read these notes or know what I have gone through? Will anyone know how broken our Justice system is? All I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs how broken our justice system is. I want people to hear me, to listen, to make their own judgements about whether they think this is fair. But, I can’t type these notes. I can’t contact the Washington Post or New York Times to see if they would be interested—and who knows if they would even care? Nobody actually cares about the criminal justice system. It gets no air time. It gets no consideration. No one actually goes through their day thinking about criminal justice reform except those ofus who know what is going on. I’m sure there are some organizations out there who may care, but I don’t know anything about them. I can’t do my own research and see if someone like me has already published something like this to no avail. No, I’m sure all of this is just a mental errand. It’s just a way that I keep sane. I have to tell someone my plight because I can’t stand the injustice of it all and so this notebook will do. I’m not even a writer anyway and I’m sure this is all hot garbage and unprintable. The last time I wrote a paper longer than a couple pages was most likely high school English. I can’t even send this or some scaled down version to my congressional representative or Senator to beg for help not that they would likely do anything since Congress is exactly why I’m in this predicament. Nope, I’m still helpless, hopeless, and completely alone.
—John Galt

5. Presumption of Innocence: Guilty Until Proven Wealthy

“The defendant with means can afford to pay bail. He can afford to buy his freedom. But the poorer defendant cannot pay the price. He languishes in jail weeks. months. and perhaps even years before trial. He does not stay in jail because he is guilty. He does not stay in jail because any sentence has been passed. He does not stay in jail because he is any more likely to nee before trial. He stays in jail for one reason only—he stays in jail because he is poor.”

—President Lyndon Johnson, at the signing of the Bail Reform Act of 1966.

Each year the U.S. imprisons more than half a million individuals who have never been convicted of a crime, largely because they are unable to post bail. Can you even imagine Sitting in prison simply because you aren’t wealthy? How is this fair or just? How is this American? Since pretrial release has a direct positive correlation with the probability of a successful trial then wealth becomes a criterion of guilt or innocence and a direct factor in all criminal proceedings. There is also a staggering divide in the available attorneys for the wealthy and the poor. If you are rich then you can afford the top-notch O.J. representation. If not then you must search for an attorney to represent you. Oh, are you detained pretrial? Good luck. You can’t use the not even a monitored version to research lawyers for your case. The internet is the most vital resource available to you so of course they deny it. They don’t want to give you any chance to succeed—they block you at each and every possible step. If you can’t afford an attorney then you don’t get a choice— the court randomly assigns a CJA or a public defender to your case. These people can be hit-or-miss, but the private attorneys appointed by the courts are the absolute worse. These are people trying to make it in private practice, but are failing; they are literally the bottom of the barrel of attorneys who can’t trick anyone to pay them so they must rely on the courts to find them clients. While their peers and successful lawyers can get their own clients and earn $250, $500, $1000+ per hour, these court-appointed attorneys can only earn ~$150 at most per hour with a cap of $10,000 per case. Thus, they need to accept tons of cases to pay the bills. But not just accept tons of clients—quickly resolve each and every case too. As you can see, the incentive here is to accept the most cases as possible and work the least amount possible then claim their $10,000 and move on to the next victim. These lawyers hate clients who want to go to trial more than the federal prosecutor and will actively work against the interests of their own clients to deliver them right to the prosecutor. Why waste the time and effort with a single client when you can finish 15 cases in the same time? There is no real time to get to know you as a person or interpersonal time. They don’t visit you. They don’t email you. They don’t work on your case or file motions unless you request them to do so. Honestly, you’re better off working on your own case in lieu of a court-appointed lawyer especially considering the time and effort put forth—They only “negotiate” your prison sentence. They work with the prosecutor and agree to terms across different cases! That’s right—your plea may have been used for another client to plea to a lower charge or a lesser sentence. At the end of the day it’s all about the plea deal.

Federal public defenders are less of a death sentence than court-appointed lawyers, but it depends who you get. If you’re lucky you’ll find an attorney who took the job for public service and actually wants to help people. Just kidding, that would be a unicorn. Public defenders are overworked and take on many cases so they have much less time to designate to each client. However, unlike court-appointed attorneys they are paid on salary and have much less financial incentive to minimize time and performance on each client. But once again, the name of the game is the plea deal.

How do they accomplish the plea? Through coercion, extortion, manipulation, and torture. It all begins when the federal prosecutor seeks pretrial detention as they do with every defendant. Why? Do they actually believe you’re a danger to society? That no conditions exist to assure public safety? Nope. Pretrial detention is nothing more than a tool to use at their disposal to ensure victory in this brutal game. The government will finagle every tool that Congress grants them to ensure you lose. This tactic of pretrial detention is their most powerful as detention centers are literal torture chambers designed after Nazi prison camps for maximum psychological impact. They slow roll your case as you are tortured in these hellholes. The depression and hopeless despair gradually take you as their perfected psychological warfare breaks you. You haven’t seen your wife or kids or any family and the prosecutor may be offering 6,8,14 months. Hell, they may tell you that you could get out with “time served” today. Either way, you’d rather get to your sentenced place and away from this hell. For lesser crimes, you will almost always serve the guideline time or more in pretrial detention before your case ever gets to trial. Guideline time of 0-18 months and you can expect to sit in federal prison for 12-18+ months before you even plead guilty. So, do you plead guilty and get to leave prison now or do you fight and spend another year in prison and “win” your case? Do you actually win? Can the government give you precious years of your life back? Remember, these demons always get their time from you; You always lose even when you “win”. OH, do you have a good, fightable case? Are you innocent? Your choice is to spend another 9-12 months in pretrial detention fighting your case and potentially take a worse plea deal or go to trial and get 3-5+ years if you lose—or— you plead guilty and go home today or in 6 months? Which would you choose? Often, the best thing is simply the knowledge of when you will be released as opposed to indefinite detention. The federal government manipulates and holds you hostage, use your kids and family against you, and downright play dirty to get their prison time. Literally all they care about is taking years of someone’s life. They know you’re in prison and they’ve designed the torture so they prolong every part of the criminal process until you break—Almost all do. 99%. The feds manipulate and abuse the legal system to exert maximum pressure at any cost. The feds play DIRTY. There are no rules—They do what they want. Sometimes they arrest and bring people in, but made a huge mistake or were entirely wrong. Do they admit their mistake? Of course not. They prolong the torture until someone breaks and rats out everyone else. Threats of 1 5, 20, 30 years in prison will flip even the strongest people. They may even end up charging everyone from an entirely different crime then they were originally accused—Each and every arrest ends in prosecution one way or another no matter how many mistakes the FBI made; they will NEVER admit a mistake and instead double-down on the coercion and torture tactics. They turn brother on brother, and destroy bonds you thought were impenetrable. Everything is fair game, Do you think you have civil liberties? Rights protected by the Constitution? LOL. You’re in prison—forgotten and discarded by society. There is no accountability here. You lost your humanity the day your federal Judge declared you guilty and denied your bail. The “presumption of innocence” is the biggest lie, the biggest misconception pandered by our government today.

You are not innocent until proven guilty. You do not have a right to a fair trial; hell you don’t even have a right to a trial anymore—this right has been robbed out from under you by plea bargains. Mandatory minimums also force you to plead guilty because you can’t afford the risk of 10 years if you lose trial. If you actually compute probabilities the mathematics always points to pleading guilty— It’s the logical decision. For example, the expected value of blowing trial: (. 10 * 0) + (.9 * 10) = 9 years of prison. Of course, this assumes you don’t serve any prison if you win which isn’t true—It also gives you a very conservative estimate of a 10% chance to win at triaL The average prison time served before trial is 2-3 years. On the flip side a plea deal is a guaranteed 4-5 years. So, 4 versus 9. Hmm. Even if you end up “winning” trial you still lose 3 years of your life—the government still sucks life out of you. A 4 year prison sentence could likely result in 3 or 3 and a half years of prison time. So, what would you do? It should be obvious— Innocent or not, you plead guilty. This was just one of millions of real world examples where the innocent plead guilty out of fear of losing trial. This is incredibly common in America: Innocent people incarcerated first then plead guilty to crimes they’ve never committed just to avoid mandatory minimums and prolonged prison sentences. They plead guilty to get OUT of prison.

It’s this lethal combination of pretrial detention, mandatory minimums, and plea deals that result in the innocent pleading guilty. This lethal combination could have been overcome with jury nullification—this powerful check that the people have on Congress and the entire judiciary. For example, if marijuana is illegal and a man is taken to trial for illegal possession of marijuana, the people can declare him not guilty if they believe marijuana should be legal, or the sentencing is too harsh, or he was treated poorly, or for any reason. They need not answer to anyone why or how they found a person not guilty. Eventually, the prosecutor will stop bringing charges against people for possession of marijuana and thus the people have successfully nullified a law that they disagree. Similarly, if people knew a certain crime carried ridiculous mandatory minimums then they would acquit. The government knows this so they prohibit telling the jury about mandatory minimums—They circumvent this powerful check that we, the people, have against tyranny and oppression. If the jury is told the truth then it’s declared a mistrial. The government’s reasoning is that the jury is only supposed to judge if a defendant is innocent or guilty and therefore don’t need to know anything about sentencing. However, mandatory minimums make a jury the judge, jury, and executioner because their decision to find a verdict no longer entails the sole connotation of innocence or guilt, but they also directly sentence the defendant too—but they are forbidden from knowing what they’ve sentenced the defendant! Isn’t this absurd? Let’s walk down this slippery slope a few more steps: What if the
mandatory minimum was 30 years or life? Isn’t it critical that a jury know If they’re killing a man? Oh, but wait—the death sentence itself usually requires a separate jury decision to invoke it so why not 30, 20, or 10 year mandatories too? These long sentences all have direct impacts and destroy lives—Even more so than the death penalty. You can’t have your cake and eat it too-Mandatory minimums must be thrown out or made known to the juries whose guilty verdict triggers the mandatory sentence.

What does your lawyer have to say about all of this? Your lawyer loves mandatories as it makes their job much easier of convincing you to plead guilty. So they love it. But not all crimes carry mandatory minimums—What then? Well, your lawyer is still heavily incentivized to deliver you to your doom—they work for the government too. So, it’s 3 vs. 1 : Prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge all against you. Seriously, your own defense attorney will outright lie to your face. They will threaten and scare you into accepting a plea deal. I have literally read emails and seen paperwork from others where their lawyer lies to them and attempts to deceive them into accepting a dummy plea deal. If a mandatory minimum is involved they will lie and distort the minimum to scare you—I’ve seen an attorney tell her client that the mandatory minimum was 5 years, then it was 7 years, and then it was 10 years all to scare him into pleading guilty. When there are no mandatory minimums then the attorney scares you with the statutory maximums for each crime—These are always something like 20 or 30 years and entirely deprecated due to the sentencing guidelines used by the courts today. Your guidelines may be only 2-3 years, but your attorney will again deceive you and tell you that you could get 20 or 30 years if you go to trial and lose—this is a lie. Your own attorney actively works against you and your interests. The private attorneys appointed to the poor can only profit from federal cases by convincing all clients to quickly accept plea deals. You’re screwed. No one is on your side. Welcome to American justice.

And so this is how every federal case goes: Arrest and arraignment. Lawyer assigned. You sit in prison for 2 months while nothing happens. Then there’s court where both sides briefly discuss discovery. Another 2 months pass, You’re ready to get out of the God-forsaken hellhole that is pretrial detention at almost any cost. If you are one of a few to have no co-defendants on your case then your lawyer will finally come to see you and bring you the plea deal from the prosecutor (No, your lawyer didn’t negotiate anything). If you have many co-defendants then they’ll keep everyone in prison a full year to try to get people to rat and turn on each other before they bring you a plea deal. The deal you are offered is a dummy deal. What is this “dummy plea deal”? It simply states your charges and your guidelines and asks you to plead guilty and avoid trial in exchange for an official bribe of a 3- point deduction called “Acceptance of Responsibility”; Yup, there is an official bribe in all these coercive plea deals that offer you a 2-3 point deduction in your guidelines for pleading guilty.

Your dummy plea deal is non-binding and guarantees you nothing at all—the judge is absolutely free to give you any sentence in or outside your guideline. It’s literally the same as if you lost trial besides the 3-point deduction. The catch here is by pleading guilty you give up your right to trial, appeal, and all post-trial motions. You gain almost nothing by pleading guilty, but the government gets everything— A guilty pleas years of your life as if you lost trial, AND no appeals or challenges. Your lawyer lies to your face and tells you it’s a great deal; your lawyer inflates your mandatory minimums or deceives you with statutory maximums because they know that you don’t know how the system works or what’s legal; They exploit your knowledge of the system and trick you into signing the deal—they spent no time on your case and only brought you the prosecutor’s first deal which is always horrible. Your lawyer deceives, manipulates, and scares you into accepting the deal. 95% of people fall victim to this corrupt, rigged system and accept. Your lawyer makes money and goes home to his family that evening while you get the shaft and return back to prison for 3 more months to await sentencing. You have just pled guilty and given up all your Constitutional rights for the same guidelines you would receive if you lost trial (minus the coercive bribe). That’s it. Everyone wins except you.

Once you’ve done your time and you’re “out”, you’re never really out. You are released on 2+ years of probation. You are always a target with the end goal arresting you on a violation and throwing you back in prison. The government loves and profits from this. The prison industrial complex is legal slavery and the government takes full advantage of leasing out its free and cheap labor force. The 13th amendment still allows slavery for all those convicted of a crime. After sentencing you are required to work full 8 hour days for 50 cents per day. The federal government increases the budget for the FBI and the other federal law enforcement agencies each year and so the prison population explodes. They contract out more prisons and lease more slaves. It’s a corrupt system designed to incarcerate and punish over rehabilitate. It’s a system financially incentivized to maximize cheap labor. It is legalized, profitable slavery. Once convicted of that first felony, or rather, plead out, it’s all downhill. Your life is over. You are a reusable fuel to drive the prison industrial complex. As a convicted felon it’s incredibly difficult to find honest work. There is no forgiveness or compassion in America for convicts. Hell, you may have been innocent of the crime and pled guilty just to get out of prison sooner, but now you’re a convicted felon. Your court-appointed attorney deceived you into accepting the plea, but little did you know the repercussions AFTER prison—there is no rehabilitation or assistance. Many people relapse and return to crime and drug dealing because they have little alternative. Construction is about all you can do. Your criminal record follows you forever and you are continually punished for your crime. Not only is it difficult obtaining a job, but any future crimes result in higher sentencing! You are punished for the rest of your life for a crime you may or may not have committed years ago. So much for compassion, forgiveness, and rehabilitation. You pay your price to society in prison, on probation, on your next charge, and every day until the day you die.

The people who suffer the most from the prison industrial complex and the incentive to incarcerate are the children and future generations. Convicting and sentencing fathers to 3, 4, 5, 10 years in prison destroys the family unit and only makes it that much harder for a poor, single mother to raise the kids on her own. She is forced to take on multiple jobs to afford the bare essentials such as food, housing, and clothing. She must then neglect her parental duties to the children—attention, encouragement, help with school and homework. These kids grow up deficient on love and nurturing—No father to instill and enforce morals and values. Mother distracted ensunng her family isn’t kicked to the curb, starving, and cold. Is it really a surprise that people born and raised into these circumstances end up in prison too? It’s a vicious cycle that holds the poor in a persistent state of poverty and crime. These children are not given equal opportunity—They begun life with a substantial roadblock that is all but impossible to overcome. Poverty begets crime begets poverty begets crime. Now compare this childhood with my own-Middle class with both parents who come from strong religious and family backgrounds. I grew up with heavy Importance and encouragement for education. My likes and interests were kindled. I was involved in every extracurricular from cub scouts to sports to band, theater, technology clubs, and college prep groups. My family was not wealthy, but I had the richest childhood and every opportunity for success. So, while my family was supporting me at basketball games and band concerts the kid born into poverty with a father in prison was already working a job or selling drugs to support his family.

The Feds combat the symptoms of poverty and inequality because this is so much easier than combating the actual problem of poverty. Realistically, we should focus on helping the poor and underprivileged. We should focus on compassion, forgiveness, and rehabilitation. Was America not built on Christianity? Do we pride ourselves on religion and belief? Weren’t forgiveness and compassion core tenets taught by Jesus? Why is is that America has the highest rate of incarceration in comparison with “Godless” Europe? Where is America’s religious enthusiasm when it comes to helping the poor and criminals? We must categorically disrupt this ruthless mentality of “tough on crime” and super predators; Although perhaps well-intentioned, all these programs have accomplished is further alienating the poor and increasing our prison populations. The goal of the feds and the FBI should not be to arrest nor should the goal of the prosecutor to indict and incarcerate. The fact that the FBI and U.S. Attorneys strive for destruction and decimation of human life and punishment to innocent children is abhorrent. Now, obviously, we as a society should not tolerate or condone violence, murder, or other crimes involving victims. We should seek justice and indemnification for the victims, but we should also seek fair justice especially for non-violent, victimless crimes. We should try to keep families together and work with convicted parents to help them return to society as rehabilitated, contributing members of society. OR, here’s an idea—maybe the answer isn’t always incarcerating people and robbing them of their precious years of life? We should recognize the handicap that those in poverty are born with and seek to circumvent and prevent crime BEFORE it’s committed. We need to focus on education and specifically assistance to the children of single and poor families. Let’s help all children grow up with an equal footing in life, with an actual childhood where they can focus on toys and innocent hopes and dreams instead of forced to grow up early and to provide and worry for the family’s well-being; this should NEVER be thi concern of children especially in this day and age, in the wealthiest country in the world.

Not only does childhood poverty and parental incarceration directly lead to an early resignation of education and the incredible loss of a real childhood in lieu of providing for the family, but the Joss of a father to this flawed and unfair justice system also leads to the rejection of justice, authenticity, authority, and respect for the law and police officers. What do you think are the long-term psychological implications on a child who watches his father led away in chains and incarcerated needlessly throughout his childhood for dealing drugs or some other nonviolent crime with the goal of providing for the family? Does he respect society? Does he trust police officers? Does he respect the law? These kids are corrupted and afflicted at an early age and although they may still seem like ordinary kids, for many of them the damage has already been done that will haunt and destroy them for the rest of their lives.

There are tons of stories about the corrupt justice system destroying lives, but I want to share just two of millions:

27 years old. Forefathers fought for the north in the civil war to end slavery. Forefathers fought and died for their country in the world wars. Forefathers fought to end the Jim Crow laws and bring an end to segregation. After all this they are still not considered Americans. They still don’t have equal rights. His grandfather was born at the end of WWII with the baby boomer generation. This man marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and fought for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Police brutality and mistreatment was common and the grandfather taught the father about the atrocities and to be wary of the police. These following generations lose all respect for the law and those who enforce it—it’s unfair and illegitimate. The deep-seated mistrust for the police grows into a loss of authenticity, authority, and legitimacy. The people refuse to accept the biased segregation laws and therefore reject the entire legal system and all those who enforce it. This psychological fear and trepidation with the police takes root from this oppression— when American law literally established racism. Today, after this man heard the stories from his father and grandfather, after witnessing his father incarcerated with high mandatory minimums, after witnessing this corrupt, malevolent justice system himself—he has zero respect for the law or the police. He does not see them as legitimate peace keepers. There is still so much animosity and distrust for the police today. He sees the police as a menace and would never call the police even if in need. He lives in a world where he’s on his own and has to protect himself and his family and exact his own justice on others. I’ve only had a positive experience with the police in my life and I do not believe there is racism and hate today that existed 70 years ago; however, the police today, for better or worse, are still viewed negatively and need to overcome this tainted reputation of oppression and abuse. The police officers before them DID beat, abuse, and murder innocent people so unfortunately the new generation of police must engage in these communities and change people’s mindsets. Reform is paramount. Although the police are the face of the justice system, it’s actually the judges, prosecutors, and politicians who create this unfair system. Perhaps once the people realize this and start executing the judges, prosecutors, and politicians in cold blood then there will be change; no, obviously we hope it doesn’t come to that. We need to tackle this unjust system and attack it from where it originated—the illegal, immoral, and racial targeting laws passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.

The most absurd, jaw-dropping incredulous story is that of a Nigerian citizen and his two co-defendants. This man, we’ll call Ben, is a good and honorable man. He spent his own money to improve the lives of others in his country. He spent his time and money to build a well in his village so people could access free, drinkable water. He alone spent money to build and now maintain it. Ben did this With no expectation of payment or profitability. Ben works hard to run his own business and provide for his wife and four small children. Ben always held America in such high esteem and respect; he considered the United States a lawful utopja and a land of opportumty.

As part of his mining and dredging business he traveled to Kenya to pickup payment. It was here that the Kenyan authorities arrested him and two others on behalf of the United States. One of his co-defendants was previously contacted directly by an undercover agent and asked about drugs—It’s common for the United States to engage in entrapment schemes where they directly teach people, who were otherwise uninterested, in an illegal trade and then arrest them. It’s a great way for the United States federal law enforcement agencies like the DEA to spend their exorbitant budgets. This man then sold one kilogram of heroin to the undercover agent that trained him. The United States government and the United states government alone contacted this man, a man Ben knew, to purchase drugs. Ben and the third co-defendant had no knowledge of this, but were simply invited to dinner— imagine their surprise when they were arrested and declared guilty by association. On behalf of the DEA and United States, the Kenyan government beat and tortured these three men into handing over the pins to their phones. The Kenyan police pointed a gun at Ben’s head and beat him senseless until he complied. the third co-defendant was beaten so badly that he can no longer hear out of his left ear. The United States government then used taxpayer money to fly these three individuals to New York City on a private jet, first stopping in Monrovia, Liberia for refuel. While on Liberian soil, Ben requested asylum in accordance with international law, but the feds refused to honor this treaty and denied his request. On arrival in New York City they were immediately taken into custody and denied bail based on flight risk—Almost every non-U.S. citizen, especially those extradited or kidnapped from other countries, are denied bail and presumed guilty where they are forced to fight their case from a foreign land in a foreign prison with no contacts, no resources, and sometimes without knowing or speaking English.

The charge against Ben? Conspiracy to commit Narcotics Importation. Like all U.S.
thought crime, this crime also carried the same sentence as if it had actually been committed—10 years in prison. Concerned about his family that could not survive without him, he talked to his U.S. provided lawyer and tried to convey his concern for his family and absolute ridiculousness of the charges against him as well as the illegal and unconscionable way he was tortured and kidnapped into this country. His lawyer did not care about his problems nor did she even read about his case, but simply told him to plead guilty and take 5-10 years. Frustrated, he fired her and started speaking with paid attorneys. These paid attorneys told him his entire case was bogus and they could easily have it dismissed in a few months. Unfortunately, Ben could not afford the tens of hundreds of thousands ofdollars for a paid attorney. He lived happily and comfortably in Nigeria, but did not have this kind of money required by law for his freedom In Amenca. So, he was assigned another lawyer. This new lawyer threatened him With 17 years In prison If he did not plead guilty.

Ben thought America was free. He thought America was lawful. He thought America was a utopia ripe with opportunity, but now he saw the terrible truth—there IS no justice in America. The U.S. hypocritically parades around the world as a great nation of laws, democracy, and opportunity, but in reality its justice system is broken and corrupt, its laws inhumane and oppressive; it’s a nation of tyranny where you are provided attorneys who work against you to deliver the prosecutor plea deals and maximize the incarcerated slaves it exploits. Ben has now been locked up for over 18 months with no right to a speedy trial, no right to effective counsel. and no path to justice. When his youngest daughter talks to him on the phone and pleads with him to come home, what can he say? When will he see his small children and family again? He’s detained indefinitely.

Ben’s indictment? 2 pages without a shred of evidence. An alleged conspiracy by an African man with no U.S. contacts and who had never done business with the U.S. or ever been to the U.S. Abducted from his country that he loves, tortured, and now tortured again indefinitely in the United States. Will he ever find justice or just sit in prison for years to come?

—John Galt

4. Presumption of Innocence: Detention is Not Punishment

Prison is not exciting. Most people have no concept of prison. Up until my first arrest I also had no real concept of prison or the justice system. Like most of you I assumed that justice was blind and that those who whined about inequality and injustices were simply the guilty that did the crime, but were unwilling to do the time. I hope that by now you are at least questioning these preconceived notions about what is going on in our justice system. My motivation for writing this redress of grievances is to present the information to you, to hopefully change minds, and ultimately ignite a civil rights movement to restore these civil liberties that Congress and the courts have pilfered; we have been blind and content as our rights have eroded. I will step up and demand change. I will fight for the poor and uneducated who have been nameless, forgotten victims to the system for generations. Will you stand by my side?

The federal detention center is the worst kind of psychological warfare imaginable. There are uncanny parallels to Nazi prison camps; when I first arrived I was seriously dumbfounded as I was constantly reminded of a WW2 book I read on Nazi prisons—It would seem the United States government adopted Nazi psychological warfare and applied it to pretrial detention centers to successfully coerce quick plea bargains. The immediate and most noticeable equivalents are in the architecture and the little things, the sum of which have huge effects on the psyche. For example, the paint everywhere is a deep, melancholy gray. Even the regular tiled floors are painted gray to give a poor, somber mood—why else paint the tiled floors of every cell? Pillows and all conveniences that we normally take for granted are banned; They take everything from you but your spirit, attitude, and sheer will to survive. The facility itself is positioned such that no sunlight ever enters through the small, barred windows; These windows offer tantalizing views of civilization that people look out longingly. The cells are dimly lit and the barren, cinder block walls and open piping are so aesthetically unpleasant that it feels as if the building is unfinished. It’s evident that at a minimum psychologists were consulted in the design and planning for detention centers. What’s more is once convicted you can become a “cadre” in the same prison and are moved to another unit where you gain rights, privileges, and amenities such as increased visit time, recreational time, the ability to travel outside of prison, TVs in cells, etc. So, truly, pretrial inmates suffer the worst prison conditions and are treated harshly as the Bureau of Prisons and federal prosecutors exert maximum pressure to coerce plea deals and achieve their 99% plea rate—A percentage rivaled by Saddam Hussein’s rigged elections. The United States government can’t deliver mail accurately and efficiently, it can’t balance a budget, manage a project without going over budget, run a navy without ships colliding, discover if Saddam has WMDs, run healthcare and exchanges, find Zalwahari, keep drugs out of prisons, but the United States government can achieve plea deals and correctly arrest and run criminal investigations at 99% efficiency? Huh? Does that sound right to you?

Anyway, our cages are 44 ft2 bathrooms for two people and consist of metal bunk beds, a metal desk and slide-out stool, lockers, toilet, sink, plastic mirror, and a small window. The toilets and sinks are frequently broken, partially functional, and leaky. The cot “mattresses” are small and frequently cut in half—we are given a single bed sheet and blanket as they blast the AC and you shiver and freeze all night long or they blast the heat and you endure unbearable heat and humidity as you lay on your cot in your underwear sweating all night long. Seriously, there is no in-between, no therrnostat or temperature control—it’s either torture by extreme cold or extreme heat. The bunk beds have no ladder to reach the top bunk and the bunks themselves are just hard metal that you can feel through the thin cots. There is no cleaning supplies for the cells and you must purchase your own soap and toilet paper so most people rarely or never clean their cells. The electrical wiring is faulty and the lights periodically go out completely. The few showers for the unit are all broken with no shower heads, visible black mold, and bacteria you can practically see—if you don’t purchase shower shoes you will definitely contract MRSA or some other skin-eating bacteria or disease. Prison is absolutely crawling with bacteria especially staphylococcus and other infectious diseases due to its disgusting state so you need to be on your A-game with hygiene: Wash your hands frequently, buy extra soap, and never touch your face. If you can only afford a few items from commissary then you absolutely should purchase shower shoes and soap above all else. Ineffective ventilation causes unsafe, contaminated air. In fact if your unit is lucky enough to have a washer and dryer, the dryer vents the lent and everything out into the open unit—the air is teeming with debris and particles. When fights break out, it snows and there’s low staff, the staff have a party, or for any reason whatsoever they can institute 24-hour lockdown. Usually, we are just locked in our cages between 9PM-6:30AM, 3:30PM-5PM, and an additional lockdown between 9:30AM-11AM on weekends for a total of 11 hours during the week and 12 and a half on weekends. However, in the commonplace occurrence of a 24-hour lockdown, we’re in the cages for, you guessed it, 24 hours. No attorney visits, phone calls, or anything allowed during this time. We’re served frozen solid, expired food. Normally, the food is bad enough: meager portions of high-sodium, low quality, disgusting food that would be illegal to feed to your dog. Truly, you have never tasted such sub-standard, barely edible “food”— Half the time it’s either over-cooked or still raw because like everything else in prison it’s run by the inmates. If you actually expect to survive you need to purchase your own food and highly-processed, unhealthy snacks from commissary. The orderlies, those inmates who work in each unit, are tasked with everything at the prison—cleaning, cooking, assisting counselors, etc. There is only one corrections officer per unit of—100-120 inmates.

Most places don’t have recreational rooms so they’ll schedule outside recreational time—but it’s 50-50 whether you actually go or not. Supposedly, you get three rec times per week at one hour each for a total of 3 hours of fresh air and exercise per week. AT MAX. Realistically, we end up going once per week and if it snows or is too cold—Zero. Zero exercise for weeks. We are caged and treated worse than regulations outline for the treatment of animals; we’d be better off on display at a zoo. When we’re not locked in our cages or allowed to have fresh air we can sit out in the common area so long as you are wearing the full prison uniform—The dirt
brown onesie colloquially known as the “fart suit”. If you aren’t weanng the uniform expect to receive a ticket or be thrown into solitary confinement. The common area has 4 TVs that arc split between Telemundo, BET, VH I , and somctimes ESPN or E! That’s pretty much it—Spanish or “Love and Hip-hop”. The TVs have no sound as you are required to purchase a $7 radio for $50 or a $20 mp3 player for $100 at commissary and tune to a specific FM frequency to listen to the channel. Aside from watching TV, you can gamble in dice games, dominos, or cards—but be very careful because most people are stabbed and die from gambling; they either owe someone money or win someone’s money who doesn’t want to part with it. Thus, I don’t recommend gambling unless you’re prepared to fight.

Aside from the overpriced commissary that the Bureau of Prisons profits, they also provide two other monopolized, overpriced services: You are allowed 5 hours of phone usage per month in 15-minute intervals per hour—That’s 20 15-minute phone calls per month. That’s it. The phone calls are charged excessively as a single 15-minute session will cost you $3.15, That’s $63 per month for the full 20 phone calls which was more expensive than my unlimited plan that included unlimited calling, texting, and a data plan all for $45. It’s extraordinary that they can do this—we literally have no choice and must pay whatever outrageous price they charge. They also offer TRULINCS email which is basic text-based email that inmates can send and receive with approved individuals. Each email is carefully scrutinized and delayed in both directions. Here, you are charged 5 cents per minute. You type an email, read an email, scroll through your inbox and 15 minutes later you’ve spent 75 cents. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you spend a conservative 30 minutes per day reading and writing emails then by the end of the month that’s $45. So, you’re nickel-and-dimed well over $100 per month and that’s before you even purchase any food that you need to survive or the toilet paper, soap, and other life necessities. It’s inconceivable that the government can accuse people of a crime, kidnap them from their homes, cage them, and then force them to pay for services where they’re the only provider. Not only that, but they RECORD every single call and email you write and receive. That’s right, even if you’re speaking to your lawyer that call and email can be used against you in the court of law so use their overpriced services with caution—Anything about your case and you can be sure they enter it into evidence at your next court appearance. People have been recorded admitting guilt with their attorneys or friends, discussing current and future crimes, and even directly buying or selling drugs. Starting to understand why prosecutors love pretrial detention so much? They control everything and the longer you’re here the more likely you slip up and say something or write something incriminating or even tell the wrong person some detail about your case—The longer you’re detained the probability of losing your case approaches one just as this corrupt system is designed; you have no chance. Oh did you want a privileged call with your lawyer? Sure, you can request it but it will never be approved. The “staff” supposedly here for your benefit are literally never here. Are they simply overworked and assigned to every unit or are they just at home committing timecard fraud? Who knows? The end result is that no one is ever here to assist you if you need anything like a privileged phone call—you just have to wait until your attorney comes to visit you. Speaking of the “staff’, when they actually are here they are an incompetent, bureaucratic nightmare as you would expect from a government employee. They will never help you even if they are here—Ask them to do something and they Instantly become agitated and complain about having to work all the time. Oh and the bureaucracy—I had family fill out visit forms and bring them to the prison to submit them, but the prison refused to accept them. You see, they must be mailed. They’ll come through the mail to the prison, but they can’t accept them at the prison so my family had to go back home and actually mail the forms. Unfortunately, they mailed them directly to me at the prison instead of to the counselor. I tried to take them to her, but nope! That’s not the right process. I had to mail the forms back and ask my family to mail them back to the prison, but send them to the counselor instead of me. The entire Bureau of Prisons management up to the top are just as uneducated and incapable. We had a scheduled prison inspection by the regional directors. Did they talk to the prisoners or tell us when the broken microwaves, ice machines, and hot water machine would be fixed? Did they inspect the cleanliness or review their own process for improvement? Did they scrutinize officer treatment of the prisoners? LOL. No, they forced the prisoners to repaint everything gray and checked to ensure that 1.) Beds were made to their Nazi satisfaction; 2.) Nothing was blocking the torture vents they used to blast us each night with extreme hot or cold; 3.) That only 5 books were on top of the lockers and not a single book over 5; 4.) No pictures of family or decorations of any kind were in the cell to make the torture chamber feel more like home. That’s it—just ensuring the torture was going on schedule. No updates on our rat infestation. In fact they refused to engage with any inmates at all. This was the yearly B.O.P. inspection. The disgusting living area, black mold, broken appliances, and non-existent counselors and unit manager were deemed in accordance with B.O.P. guidelines. It’s incredible.

The crux of the problem is there is no accountability. We have no voice. We are subhuman, worthless slaves with no rights and no one to complain regarding this inhumane treatment. No one cares. You are hopeless. You are alone. You have been accused of a crime therefore you are no longer considered a U.S. citizen nor are you a human being with any rights at all. You can’t even vote even though you’ve never been convicted of a crime. The corrections officers themselves remind us every day of our loss of citizenship—”It’s your own fault. You shouldn’t have broken the law. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” We are frequently reminded of our guilt and punishment. So is detention punishment? Your neighbor or the person sitting across from you is here because he’s been convicted of a crime. The cadres here have more privileges than you but they are here to be punished by society. The corrections officers tell you that you are here to be punished. Yet, the courts say you are not? “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” In fact, which Constitutional rights are retained in pretrial detention? There are no first amendment rights—You can’t say or write anything without their approval; there is no freedom of speech. Religious services must come to you or else you don’t get to use the shared religious service hall for prayer. If the Catholic diocese does not send a priest then you cannot attend Catholic mass even though there is a church across the street; there is no freedom of religion. What about the 2nd amendment? LOL. 4th? Your room and locker are frequently searched and your property seized at any time for any reason. 5th? All your communication is monitored and everything you say will be used against you. 6th? 8th? All denied. You are not a citizen. You are not a human being. You are worthless trash; A slave, a mere commodity with which the government can do as they please.

The Feds even use your kids and family against you. When your visitors are actually approved 3 months later then you get visitation once per week for 1 hour and a maximum of 3 people. You are brought into a room where you are shoulder-to-shoulder with other inmates and across from your visitor. There is no privacy, no room, and no physical contact permitted which they vigorously enforce—No, you cannot hug your kids. No, you cannot kiss your wife. Your kids are used as leverage as they are tantalizingly dangled in front of you—oh do you want to see more of your kids? Plead guilty and then once you get to a real prison you can take advantage of one of the family programs they offer. But not here, not at a pretrial detention center. In fact, I imagine the one thing federal prosecutors love more than your phone call to order a hit on them is the pain and suffering of a child; it sustains them. Nothing gives the demon federal prosecutor more pleasure than listening to the trembling despair in your young daughter’s voice as she helplessly begs, “Daddy, when are you coming home? I miss you.”

Not only are we incessantly tortured like a Nazi prison camp, but we’re also forced to live in the 1800s—There’s no modern technology whatsoever. We wash our clothes by hand in the sinks or moldy showers, we use typewriters (which the BOP are likely the only remaining customers) that the BOP purchase for us to use for official correspondence with the court since computers and internet are unequivocally banned. There are no microwaves, ovens, ice machines, pillows, etc. There is no health care, dental care, or first aid. No hydrogen peroxide, no bandages, and no way to dress wounds or obtain medicine if sick; all we can do is what they did in the 1800s—pray. I was previously seeing a cardiologist for a preexisting heart defect, but I’ve been denied access to a cardiologist and my treatment has been put on-hold. They adjusted my medication because they did not want to pay for the drugs I needed. If you get sick then you’re on your own—buy soups and tea and hope your body fights it off quickly. If you get an open wound here, it is bound to get infected. Find toilet paper and use soap to keep the wound from festering—good luck. The Feds can do anything they want and face no repercussions. None. We are disposable slaves with no voice. I invite the United Nations to conduct a surprise investigation on any federal detention center in America—they will be flabbergast by these horrifying Nazi conditions and America’s incredible hypocrisy; come take a Rehnquist vacation and learn the true meaning of “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Meanwhile, real life outside this upside-down goes on. Did you have a job, own a business, or have bills to pay? Fired. Bankrupt. Scheduled appointments and a life to live? Not anymore! You’ve been accused of a crime by the United States of America; your life is forfeit. Did you have a mortgage or apartment to pay? The government is not reimbursing you for anything. People are probably trying to call you right now, but you can’t respond. You’re still on the hook for all your financial obligations, but you are prevented from work at the point of a gun. Well, you can work for Big Brother at the rate of 50 cents per day, but I doubt that will help—It’s as absurd as debtors prison. You will be forced to drain your savings and retirement accounts just to keep your family afloat; Liquidate all the savings that you worked so hard to obtain throughout your life. After that? This is another reason your case is specifically slow rolled. You will be kicked out of your apartment and/or the bank will take your house and kick your family to the curb. Your business will fail and you will undoubtedly face civil litigation because you are neglecting your duties and not properly adhering to legal contracts you’ve signed. You are facing financial ruin and require an honorable, trustworthy person to give power of attorney so they can dedicate huge swaths of their time to manage this downward spiral to inevitable bankruptcy and ruin. Remember, you never knew you would be arrested or detained pretrial—you were simply accused of a crime and kidnapped at the point of a gun one day. There was no preparation. This destruction of your livelihood and loss of liberty alone should make pretrial detention unconstitutional because the catastrophic destruction to your life is irreversible; even if ultimately found innocent you must try to pick up all the pieces to your life and return to the world, yet the government destroys all in their wake. The detrimental loss of life, liberty, and property is premature and without due process.

Finally, the worst part, legally, is the inability to meaningfully contribute to your own defense from prison—Exactly what the feds want. They don’t want you to challenge them. You are forced to use dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and old law books. Sure, this was effective back in 1922, but it’s 2017. This is absolutely absurd and entirely unconstitutional. How do you take the most important and powerful resource, the internet, and deny it to the very people who actually need it most? How could I ever find that 2016 study by Dobbiey, Goldinz, and Yang without the internet? How could I ever hope to find important research and case law analysis without the internet? I’m flying blind and denied a co-pilot. How could I ever hope to effectively, efficiently, and fairly fight my case when I am not permitted to participate? The resources of the federal government are phenomenal—on each case they have 3-5 attorneys, 10 FBI agents, an entire technical support team back at Quantico, and these are just the official contributors that I see; yet, I can’t even use the internet? Truly, this corrupt game is stacked substantially in their favor. The ease of using Google to search and instantly find relevant information in lieu of reading 10 books to find an inferior subset of the information is unmatched. Thus, the United States federal government denies you this vital resource.

I cannot capture the true essence of prison in words. I cannot capture how it feels to be thrown in prison without conviction of a crime and while completely innocent; I’m in the upsidedown of the American criminal justice system screaming for help, but no one can hear me; the world I knew where justice and honor existed were a delusion. I’ve been lied to and naively chose to believe I lived in a world that never actually existed. I chose the blue pill, but they shoved the red pill down my throat and now I can’t escape this world ruled by soulless demons with limitless power to persecute and unjustly deprive people of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This feeling and experience of profound injustice and helplessness are unrelatable, and I think this is part of the reason no one cares about criminal justice reform. Only those who have been abused and violated by this system truly know the extent of the problem. We are subhuman slaves, meanwhile, the rest of America goes about their daily lives, content with their own lives and completely oblivious of what is happening in our country. I have never seen anything so repugnant in my entire life, but I accept this purpose of experiencing hell on Earth so that I may expose this vile treachery to the American public. We must end this abomination disguised as justice.
—John Galt

3. Presumption of Innocence: Do You Want to Play a Game?

The criminal justice system is nothing more than a corrupt, unfair game. Particularly in the federal system, prosecutors are handed everything on a silver platter: confidential informants, video evidence, phone and wiretaps, admission to undercover agents, etc. The FBI and AUSA have had decades to perfect their system against the accused and they are exceptionally good at it. Not due to intelligence, mind you, they simply follow a playbook much like tech support; any slight deviation that forces them to think for themselves typically results in failure. The FBI playbook dates back to J. Edgar Hoover—a man known for transforming the FBI into his personal secret police and using them to covertly and illegally collect evidence and scandalous information to build secret files to intimidate and harass all those he deemed as a threat to his power. Most incredulous were his attempts to undermine the civil rights movement, proposal to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, and even blackmail congressmen, senators, and presidents to maintain his power. Hoover was a conniving. deceptive man who had no respect for the law and only sought power; he was ruthless at imposing his will and the full weight of the federal government on all he judged guilty utilizing any means necessary to destroy. Clearly, an inspirational hero to this depraved bureau that he created and where he is still honored to this day as their headquarters carry on his namesake.

The first huge addition to The Playbook was the invention of mandatory minimum sentencing in the Boggs Act of 1952. Guess what crime Congress found so abhorrent that it justified the necessity to compel all judges to impose a mandatory prison sentence of 2-10 years in prison? Possession of marijuana, That’s right, the simple non-violent, victimless crime of possessing marijuana, which today in legal in many states, required the defendant to spend AT LEAST two years in prison. Two years in prison. Two years of your life lost forever because you literally had marijuana in your pocket. This law was passed out of fear to target Mexican immigrants who were bringing it with them across the border. Literally, fear mongering of immigrants and propaganda films released to demonize marijuana and all those who used it prompted its criminality and the inception of mandatory minimum sentencing. This was the building block for the prison industrial complex and modern-day slavery—the cascading effects of which we still feel today; it has had a devastating impact on the poor.

After the implementation of stiff mandatory sentencing, the next major addition to The Playbook was handed over by the Supreme Court in the 1970 Brady v. U.S. decision. The Supreme Court formally recognized plea bargaining which has revolutionized the criminal justice system. With Congress’ creation of extremely high mandatory sentencing of 5, 10, 15 year sentences they could now avoid trials altogether by offering less than minimum for a guilty plea—and so began the downfall of trials and trial lawyers; no one would dare risk the potential minimum of 10 years in prison if they could plead out to 3. The Supreme Court itself even recognized this and warned that plea incentives which were sufficiently large or coercive as to over-rule defendants’ abilities to act freely, or used in a manner giving rise to a significant number of innocent people pleading guilty, might be prohibited or lead to concerns over constitutionality. Specifically, associate judge Byron White wrote the following in the case opinion:

This is not to say that guilty plea convictions hold no hazards for the innocent, or that the methods of taking guilty pleas presently employed in this country are necessarily valid in all respects. This mode of conviction is no more foolproof than full trials to the court or to the jury. Accordingly, we take great precautions against unsound results. and we should continue to do so, whether conviction is by plea or by trial. We would have serious doubts about this case if the encouragement of guilty pleas by offers of leniency substantially increased the likelihood that defendants, advised by competent counsel, would falsely condemn themselves.

As to this coercive effect, in the book Presumed Guilty: When Innocent People Are Wrongly Convicted (1991), author Martin Yant discusses the use of coercion in plea bargaining:

Even when the charges are more serious, prosecutors often can still bluff defense attorneys and their clients into pleading guilty to a lesser offense.
As a result, people who might have been acquitted because of lack of evidence, but also who are in fact truly innocent, will often plead guilty to the charge. Why? In a word, fear. And the more numerous and serious the charges, studies have shown, the greater the fear. That explains why prosecutors sometimes seern to file every charge imaginable against defendants.

This is exactly what happened with the toxic combination of mandatory sentencing and plea bargaining as is readily apparent in the 98% plea bargain rate that we see today.
Additionally, the effect of mandatory sentencing was to taint the justice system. Juries no longer simply decided guilt or innocence of a crime—they now imposed sentencing; however, it is typically not permitted to inform juries which crimes carry mandatory sentencing or for how long! Why is this? If the jury knew the absolute absurdity of some of these mandatory sentences they would have no choice but to engage in jury nullification and find the defendant not guilty. Many Americans don’t even know that they possess this powerful check on both Congress and the Judicial system—to find a defendant not guilty based on external factors to the charges, namely, treatment of the defendant, disagreement with the law, disagreement with the sentencing, or really for any reason whatsoever. This powerful tool is purposefully undermined by hiding mandatory minimum sentences.

Ironically, 1984 is the worst year for the American justice system as it brought about the absolute destruction of liberty for the accused. Big Brother obliterated fairness and redefined the “presumption of innocence” as its deceptive doublespeak antithesis. In the Bail Reform Act of 1984, Congress created a preventive detention system for the first time in the history of our great country. In doing so it violated a myriad of Constitutional amendments: It violated the 8th amendment by allowing the excessive bail of infinity to be imposed and the infliction of cruel and unusual punishment on those accused of a crime; It violated the 5th amendment’s due process clause which implies “innocent until proven guilty”—a decision by a judge to incarcerate is in direct violation of innocence; It violated the 6th amendment as there is no possible way a fair trial is even possible when the accused is incarcerated throughout the entire pretrial and trial. Not to mention the harm to one’s personal and professional reputation, health and well-being, and inability to adequately assist in legal defense. You lose income and the ability to effectively communicate with your attorneys. You lose the notion of fairness as you are brought to your trial in chains from prison. Today, more than 20% of the entire prison population are in pretrial. These 450,000 accused are almost the same total of the entire prison population in 1980 of 500,000. In 2014 the prison population exceeded 2.2 million people. In 1987 these constitutional concerns were raised to the Supreme Court in U.S. v. Salerno. The Supreme Court erroneously upheld the law. In Chief Justice Rehnquist’s opinion of the court, he stated “the mere fact that a person is detained does not inexorably lead to the conclusion that the government has imposed punishment.” (He
further reterenced his opinion of the court in Bell v. Wolfish). I’m not sure how else the court could view incarceration—a reward? A great vacation? The Supreme Court is made up by man, which is not infallible, and so neither is the court. They have made mistakes in the past, but to uphold the notion of preventive detention for 30 years is a devastating assault on the founding principles of our country of which I’m sure our forefathers are turning in their graves. Justice Thurgood Marshall, a true American hero and ally to the Constitution, vehemently opposed Rehnquist in his dissent:

This case brings before the Court for the first time a statute in which Congress declares that a person innocent of any crime may be jailed indefinitely, pending the trial of allegations which are legally presumed to be untrue, if the Government shows to the satisfaction of a judge that the accused is likely to commit crimes, unrelated to the pending charges, at any time in the future. Such statutes, consistent with the usages of tyranny and the excesses of what bitter experience teaches us to call the police state, have long been thought incompatible with the fundamental human rights protected by our Constitution. Today a majority of this Court holds otherwise. Its decision disregards basic principles of justice established centuries ago and enshrined beyond the reach of governmental interference in the Bill of Rights.

Furthermore, the incredible research paper titled “The Effects of Pre-Trial Detention on Conviction, Future Crime, and Employment: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Judges” was published in 2016 by Will Dobbiey, Jacob Goldinz, and Crystal Yang. Their work is remarkable and their conclusion undeniable:

This paper estimates the impact of being released before trial on criminal case outcomes, future crime, formal sector employment, and the receipt of government benefits. We find that pre-trial release significantly decreases the probability of conviction, primarily through a decrease in guilty pleas. Pre-trial release mechanically increases pre-trial crime and failures to appear in court, but has no detectable effect on future crime. Finally, we find suggestive evidence that pretrial release increases formal sector attachment both through an increase in formal sector employment and the receipt of tax- and employment-related government benefits. Many of the estimated effects are larger for defendants with no prior offenses in the past year and defendants employed in the year prior to bail. We argue that these results are consistent with (i) pre-trial release strengthening defendants’ bargaining position during plea negotiations, and (ii) a criminal conviction lowering defendants’ attachment to the formal labor market.

Pre-trial release decreases the probability of pleading guilty by 12% and the probability of being found guilty by 15.6%. Pretrial detention is therefore a contributing factor to the verdict and in direct violation of the 6th amendment’s guarantee to a fair trial—of this there is no question.

Where else did the Supreme Court fail us in 1984? The Good Faith Doctrine, which was established in U.S. vs. Leon. Search warrant affidavits were overturned previously due to negligence and incompetence by officers. The Supreme Court thus sought protection for these officers by providing a good faith exception to the exclusionary rule to the 4th amendment. What this means is search warrants in federal court cannot be thrown out because the probable cause is found to be false or an officer was negligent or even incompetent in compiling the affidavit. In fact, a judge can’t even rule that based upon the evidence provided in stark contrast to the probable cause that he would not have found probable cause himself to issue the warrant. Essentially, even if the warrant is entirely false as long as the officer tried his hardest then the evidence is still admissible in court. How absurd! The court stated that an officer acting in good faith and within the scope of a search warrant should NOT be subjected to 4th amendment constitutional violations. If the officer had reason to believe their actions were legal then it is legal. Thus, the more ignorant law enforcement officers are, the more they’ll be able to get away with. And so, the standard for challenging search warrants in federal court was drastically raised so that you must show the officer outright lied or acted in a reckless disregard for the law. Once again the Constitution’s only knight, Thurgood Marshall dissented. He joined Brennan in this dissent:

Ten years ago, in United States v. Calandra, 414 U. S. 338 (1974), I expressed the fear that the Court’s decision “may signal that a majority of my colleagues have positioned themselves to reopen the door [to evidence secured by official lawlessness] still further and abandon altogether the exclusionary rule in search and seizure cases.” Since then, in case after case, I have witnessed the Court’s gradual but determined strangulation of the rule. It now appears that the Court’s victory over the Fourth Amendment is complete. That today’s decisions represent the piece de resistance of the Court’s past efforts cannot be doubted, for today the Court sanctions the use in the prosecution’s case in chief of illegally obtained evidence against the individual whose rights have been violated a result that had previously been thought to be foreclosed. […]
Although the Court brushes these concerns aside, a host of grave consequences can be expected to result from its decision to carve this new exception out of the exclusionary rule. A chief consequence of today’s decisions will be to convey a clear and unambiguous message to magistrates that their decisions to issue warrants are now insulated from subsequent judicial review. Creation of this new exception for good faith reliance upon a warrant implicitly tells magistrates that they need not take much care in reviewing warrant applications, since their mistakes will, from now on, have virtually no consequence: if their decision to issue a warrant was correct, the evidence will be admitted; if their decision was incorrect but the police relied in good faith on the warrant, the evidence will also be admitted. Inevitably, the care and attention devoted to such an inconsequential chore will dwindle. Although the Court is correct to note that magistrates do not share the same stake in the outcome of a criminal case as the police, they nevertheless need to appreciate that their role is of some moment in order to continue performing the important task of carefully reviewing warrant applications. Today’s decisions effectively remove that incentive.

Moreover, the good faith exception will encourage police to provide only the bare minimum of information in future warrant applications. The police will now know that, if they can secure a warrant, so long as the circumstances of its issuance are not “entirely unreasonable,” ante at 468 U. S. 923, all police conduct pursuant to that warrant will be protected from further judicial review. The clear incentive that operated in the past to establish probable cause adequately because reviewing courts would examine the magistrate’s judgment carefully, see, e.g., Franks v. Delaware, 438 U. S. 154, 438 U. S. 169-170 (1978); Jones v. United States, 362 U. S. 257, 362 U. S. 271-272 (1960); Giordenello v. United states, 357 U. S. 480, 357 U. S. 483 (1958), has now been so completely vitiated that the police need only show that it was not “entirely unreasonable” under the circumstances.

What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? What is the purpose of the Constitution’? Today, these documents have been entirely eroded and are completely meaningless as the judicial branch of the United States of America has failed to uphold the law and protect the fights of the accused against the incursion of Congress’ unrelenting pursuit to invalidate them. Incredulously, these indefeasible liberties have been usurped; These inalienable rights stolen. The Supreme Court’s reprehensible and unconscionable acceptance of mandatory minimum sentencing, coercive plea bargains, and outright totalitarian pretrial detention renders the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights inert. Rehnquist’s contradictory and nonsensical rulings are incomprehensible and should elicit contemptible scorn from all those who hold traditional American values such as liberty and justice for all—His repugnant reign of terror has devastated the court and left America in a state of wretched tyranny as the federal government can freely abduct its own citizens, inhumanely cage them indefinitely, threaten to enslave them for decades, and then coerce them into abdicating their right to a trial and appeal as they plead guilty regardless of their own culpability. This overt treachery against its own people is nothing short of a national embarrassment. Clearly, the American experiment of democracy and a republic has resulted in catastrophic failure.

—John Galt

2. Presumption of Innocence: A Loss of Citizenship

“… nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The declaration of guilt and revocation of the Bill of Rights after the accusation of a crime is incompatible with American values yet I am led away in chains. Nevermind the legality or constitutionality—Freedom has always been the hallmark of American society; America is said to be a free nation, its constitution a shining beacon of democracy to the rest of the world. Yet, over 20% of our 2.2 million incarcerated are in pretrial; 20% of our prison population has NOT been convicted of a crime. The United States of America extols liberty, but subjugates its own people. Are the American people fully aware of this tyranny?

And so I am led back to the holding cell. We wait the remainder of the day until everyone has been to court. At the end of the night, the Marshalls herd us onto a bus and drive us from the courthouse to the detention center. On arrival, those of us who are new are separated so that we can complete the entry paperwork and processing and change from our street clothes to the standard prison-issue uniform. People are generally cordial as they reunite with old prison friends or family members who have always been in the system. The best advice people give is that your public “pretender” will not work on your case nor do anything on your behalf unless you specifically tell them to do so: You’re on your own. The prisoners recount stories of past cases and ineffective counsel, but the theme is always plead out. Mandatory minimum sentencing, the minimum number of years that the judge must sentence a defendant as set by law for each crime, is set so high that to risk trial is to risk 10+ years. The federal prosecutors will always offer pleas of only a fraction of the mandatory and so regardless of your innocence or case potential, everyone always pleads guilty just to avoid the ridiculously high sentences. The prison eventually feeds us for the first time with sandwiches as we finalize processing. In addition to the uniform, you are given bedsheets (no pillow), a cup, a spork (you only get one so don’t lose it!), a toothbrush and toothpaste, a bar of soap, a towel, and a roll of toilet paper. Everyone enters the prison onto the temporary holding floor—one of several 120-man blocks. On our way up, the guard leaves us in the elevator for several minutes and two of the other inmates joke about taking off, but remind each other that it’s definitely a violation. This conversation perfectly illustrates the pretrial inmate mindset: most people don’t want any trouble, and instead seek to minimize confrontations of violence or anything that could lead to a violation and added time. That said, prison, including these detention centers, are definitely an entirely different society. I gomctimcs marvel at the economic ingenuity and sociological principles that dictate behavior here. The prison monetary system is built on food from the commissary (foods and snacks that can be purchased weekly) and certain non-perishable food items that retain their intrinsic value. People hustle their prison trades as tailors, cooks, manufacturers of certain items, drug trade, etc. The biggest prison faux pas is to call someone a “bitch” or for you to “punk” someone to make them appear like a bitch. This will almost always lead to a confrontation if not a straight fight. Alphas sometimes probe for weakness, and if you don’t stand-up for yourself then that may well lead to incessant bullying where you lose food or other possessions or privileges. Keep in mind that many people here are convicted murderers, rapists, or potentially anything. Some are even facing life sentences (“lifers”) with literally nothing to lose. Oh, right—they won’t ask you until a month after your processing, once you sit down with the unit team, but you are actually given the option to either be put here in general population with convicted people and people accused of any crime (they make no distinction nor do they separate violent offenders) or the hole—AKA solitary confinement. Your choice, though. Another big rule to protect yourself in federal prison is to never discuss your case with anyone. Any detail you give people and they can and will jump on your case. People are vultures and will do anything to help their own situation. You give detail, they go to your prosecutor, give minor details you told them in combination with invented details, and now their sentencmg is reduced and you gain a conspiracy charge or a confidential informant against you on your case. The federal prosecutors know this happens, and that most of the time the information is bogus, but they eat it up anyway.

The justice system is corrupt. Federal prosecutors have never once fought an honest case and they are actually poor lawyers, incapable of’ working on the other side. They are, however, experts of bribery, extortion, lying, and deception—which is why federal prosecutors make such great politicians. They will literally offer to reduce prison time for you to say anything—even knowingly lie. Before you know it, your co-defendant or even some other random inmate accuses you of murder, conspiracy to murder your prosecutor, of admitting to your alleged crime, or literally anything the prosecutor tells him to say. Any scenario that encourages disloyalty, dissention, and “snitching” is a powerful psychological tool. Some inmates proactively go around asking everyone about their case to try and jump in, so just don’t tell anyone anything. It’s sad especially when false or bogus information leads to continued bail denial or increased charges, but dishonesty and deception have always been the M.O. of the Justice Department and the FBI ever since J, Edgar Hoover and his illegal attempts of harassment, intimidation, and blackmail against perceived threats to his influence including Martin Luther King, Jr and U.S. presidents. His treachery and abuse of power running the FBI are matched only by the Gestapo. Today, the FBI is an inept, deceitful organization with incredible power to destroy lives. Congress has given them and U.S. attorneys powerful tools from mandatory sentences enacted in the Boggs Act of 1952 to plea bargaining asserted in Brady v. United States in 1970 to pretrial detention in the Bail Reform Act of 1984. The government is now so efficient at mass incarceration that the sky is the limit. The prison industrial complex is a robotic behemoth, devoid of empathy, that seeks punishment over rehabilitation and condemns entire generations to slavery,

Today, the majority of federal inmates are in prison for drug-related offenses using judicial tools developed to fight the mob and organized crime. These anti-racketeering laws were created because the FBI and the Department of Justice were so incompetent, incapable, and entirely outmatched by the gangsters and organized crime that they were unable to do their jobs. So, Congress passed unconstitutional laws that were viewed positively by the public for their utilitarian effect—Although civil rights were violated, they were civil rights of criminals so the public viewpoint was that the ends justified the means and therefore these laws were necessary to quash crime. And they did—but at what cost? These are the RICO, Hobb’s Act, and Conspiracy laws among others. The Hobb’s Act distorts the Commerce Clause to give the feds jurisdiction in any robbery case so long as interstate commerce is obstructed, delayed, or otherwise affected. Today, people are charged with the Hobb’s Act for robbing drug dealers and illegal enterprises, any commercial store, and even home invasions. It is argued that everything affects interstate
commerce, including a mom-and-pop shop that purchases ketchup from another state or an individual who gambles in another state—Literally the Feds could pick up any state robbery case and claim jurisdiction. States have lost jurisdiction and sovereignty as the federal government usurps state’s rights and grows in power. By far, the most common charge people are accused is conspiracy. Conspiracy is defined by the court as an “inchoate offense, essence of which is agreement to commit an unlawful act… agreement to commit the unlawful act need not be shown to be explicit.” The United States of America is the only country in the world to accuse, arrest, and convict individuals for conspiracy—tantamount to thought crime and precrime. If you thought about committing a crime against the United States, then you DID commit a federal crime that can result in your arrest and conviction. If you planned to commit a crime, but at the last minute your conscious prevented you from carrying it out—you still committed a federal crime by conceiving of a crime against the United States. You may never have reached the step of your conscious preventing you from acting, but were arrested first. Thus, you are arrested and convicted of precrime without ever actually doing anything and without any proof. Truly, this is the Big Brother tyranny that George Orwell warned us about in 1984, but it has existed since the
1940s. Prosecutors have a strong incentive to file conspiracy charges for every crime—not only do they need almost no evidence to prove simple conspiracy, but they can also charge coconspirators with all the same crime(s) like in RICO cases where everyone is charged for crimes, both real and imagined, of everyone else in the criminal organization. So, everyone is always charged with at least two counts: One charge for conspiracy and one charge for the actual crime committed. If the feds can’t present sufficient evidence for the actual crime, then they simply convict on the conspiracy charge because of the low burden of proof required—Literally the thought or any coconspirator’s word is enough. Additionally, you charge everyone for everyone else’s crime—Was a gun used? Everyone can be charged in that conspiracy. Oh and guess what? The conspiracy charge carries the exact same punishment as the actual crime! And so you finally arrive at the unfortunate truth about the American criminal justice system—U.S. Attorneys don’t care if you’re guilty or not or which crime you committed, but they will charge you with everything all the time. There is no search for the truth, no real investigation. The prosecutor’s mindset is “How can we twist the truth to charge people with the maximum number of crimes and seek the maximum number of years in prison?” It’s a personal achievement to deprive humans of years of their lives—as if the prosecutors gain years of their own lives for each year they rob from another person. These prosecutors will do anything to win. They are the law. No, they are above the law. They are God. Welcome to their world—here they make the rules. Federal prosecutors are soulless demons, devoid of all humanity, empathy, and emotion. Their single motivation in life is to be “tough on crime”—To destroy human lives and maximize pain and suffering in the hopes of rising politically.

Anyway, we finally get settled into our cells and meet our assigned cellmate (“celly”). They segregate the 2-bunk cells by race. Hopefully, your celly isn’t violent, psychotic, dealing drugs, or in possession of a knife or anything. He is. Hopefully, he doesn’t get caught because ultimately, you are held responsible for what may be found in his locker or even his actions. As we settle in, we are given half a mattress and no pillow, enjoy! Pillows are actually considered contraband and are banned. The mattresses are either cut in half due to lack of resources or used by the inmates to make illegal pillows. Oh, right, speaking of a lack of resources—if you don’t have a commissary account or can’t hustle a jailhouse trade then you will likely go hungry; You will have to rush to be at the front of the chow line, then get in the seconds line while you scarf down your meal standing up and pray there is extra, because the prison food is not only unpleasant but incredibly meager such that everyone typically pays extra for food from the commissary. Ah, I finally meet my new celly. He’s in for bank robbery. He’s a nice guy who’s on medication for a mental illness and is partially deaf and disabled. He admits to the crime as many do, but also similarly states he did it simply to get sent back to prison. He was starving, living on the streets with no government assistance. He had to make the choice to either die in the streets or commit a crime; no, not a choice as there really is no decision to be made. He is simply one of the many that society has completely failed. It was in this moment that I almost cried for the first time in prison. I truly, deeply felt so bad for him and the others as I looked around. Most were uneducated who have known nothing else than a life of crime and prison since childhood. What kind of life is this? I had been extraordinarily lucky to be born into privilege. I was lucky to possess the intelligence, communication skills, and determination that many here were lacking. The government preys upon the poor and the weak. It was in this moment that I realized I could not let this continue. I felt an incredible wave of emotion as I had an epiphany—this is my true calling in life. This is what I was sent here to do. I will bring this “justice” system crumbling to its knees.

–John Galt

1. Presumption of Innocence: A Petition for a Redress of Grievances

BANG! BANG! BANG! I wake with a start. It’s still dark outside and my phone reads
5:30AM. BANG! BANG! BANG! I jump up and as I reach out for my door I hear it unlock, open, and immediately 10-12 men in bullet proof vests, carrying guns, and siege equipment burst into my apartment and throw me against the wall. “FREEZE!” they yell. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” It’s safe to say that I’m no longer groggy nor do I remember anything about the pleasant dream I’d most likely been having before I was awoken. I can feel the adrenaline shoot through my body and I am more alert than I’ve ever been as I study the intruders in my apartment. I obey every command. They search my apartment hoping to find some contraband. Eventually one of them grabs my clothes from the closet and tells me to get dressed. I am not permitted to use my cell phone or do anything except dress. They congratulate each other as they lead me outside. It’s a cold, crisp morning—no one around to witness the unusual scene taking place. As I sit in the back of the car I wonder the true necessity of breaking into someone’s residence in the early morning with 10 armed agents who know full well that I am not a threat. Perhaps it’s just protocol? Or do they love a show of force? Somehow I doubt Paul Manafort or any other wealthy individual accused of a crime is treated this way. Once we reach our destination, the agents lead me around like a prized dog—they beam with pride at my enslavement. I’m fingerprinted and my picture is taken several times throughout the morning, but eventually I’m turned over to the U.S. Marshalls at the courthouse. The Marshalls have a stricter protocol and in addition to the handcuffs affixed to a chain around my waist to keep my hands in front of me, my ankles are also uncomfortably cuffed as well. These ankle cuffs make it extremely difficult to walk forward, and so I do at a slow pace. I’m led to what looks like a holding area with several cells the size of a small room. The Marshalls remove my handcuffs, but leave the ankle shackles as they direct me into one of these cells with several other arrestees. It’s still relatively early and everyone just keeps to themselves. There are long concrete benches that are about as comfortable to sit on as they look. The first few people grab rolls of toilet paper from the toilet at the back of the cell and use them as pillows as they lay across the benches, but eventually the room starts to fill up so they sit up. The entire room is freezing as large AC units near the back blow at full strength; everyone in the cell either has their hands inside their shirt or are doing something to try not to freeze to death. Large stretches of time pass and many people come and go. There is no clock or any posted schedule so everyone just sits patiently waiting their turn. If you are wealthy and have an attorney on retaine then your attorney will meet with you to discuss your charges and a game plan, but if not, you are assigned a public defender who typically doesn’t meet you until your first appearance in court. Eventually it’s my turn and I’m led out before a magistrate judge.

This is the first time that the official complaint is presented before you. Note that the complaint and all evidence against you are obviously not shared with you beforehand. You are not entitled to discovery until after arraignment. The government does not provide evidence for you nor does your attorney—you don’t start off on an even footing at all at your first appearance. “The purpose of this proceeding is to inform you of certain rights that you have, to inform you of the charges against you, to consider whether counsel should be appointed for you, and to decide under what conditions, if any, you should be released. You have the right to remain silent. You’re not required to make any statements, Even if you have made any statements to the authorities, you need not make any further statements. Anything you do say can be used against you. You have the right to be released either conditionally or unconditionally pending trial unless I find that there are no conditions or combination of conditions that would reasonably assure your presence in court and the safety of the community. You have the right to be represented by counsel during all court proceedings, including this one, and during all questioning by the authorities. If you cannot afford an attorney, I will appoint one to represent you.”

The purpose of this first real hearing is to determine bail in accordance with the 8th amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Therefore, I am here to determine what bail will be set that I must pay to assure the court that I will show up to future court dates. This very concept seems odd—the notion that I must pay money or go to prison. Oh but there’s an added stipulation—the Bail Reform Act of 1984 legalized pretrial detention of the accused on the basis of “flight risk” or a “danger to society” for the first time in the history of the country. This unjust concept, which clearly seems at odds with the presumption of innocence, was only introduced in this country 30 years ago. Somehow, this law was determined to be consistent with the 8th amendment and bail set at infinity was in fact not excessive at all. This law was determined consistent with the 5th amendment and the due process clause, overruling the Court of Appeals who ruled the Constitution categorically prohibited pretrial detention. The Supreme Court ruled that The Government’s regulatory interest in community safety can, in appropriate circumstances, outweigh an individual’s liberty interest. This law was also determined consistent with the 6th amendment guarantee of a right to a fair trial.

Why would I worry though? I am granted a presumption of innocence by law and due process through the Bill of Rights. Today is the first time I have ever seen these charges or ever been charged with this before. “The government seeks detention and believes the defendant is both a flight risk and a danger to society.” My stomach drops. The crime I am charged with is in fact a non-violent, victimless crime. However, it is argued that since I am accused of a crime then it is possible that I could commit violent crimes. It is argued that once accused of a crime then it is much more likely that if I am allowed to leave court then I will either attempt to flee the country without a passport or I will immediately run out into the streets assaulting people. The bail argument continues for hours but it seems like days. How can this be happening? How can a judge actually sit there mulling over sending me to prison? Please tell me a presumption of innocence really does exist and isn’t just some hypocritical empty promise thrown around in legal arguments without any true meaning, Finally, the judge quiets both sides and states that he has made a decision, The judge states that the evidence presented by the government in the complaint is so strong, and that since my lawyer could not adequately rebut their argument of dangerousness there is no way I am innocent. I am immediately remanded. My case begins with a guilty verdict and the denial of my inalienable civil rights. I am sucked into the upside-down that is the American justice system.

—John Galt

Presumption of Innocence?

“The government was set to protect man from criminals, and the Constitution was written to protect man from the government.” —Ayn Rand

The initial intent for the release of these articles was a slow, weekly release of each article published under the John Galt pseudonym. John Galt was chosen because during the FBI’s Vault 7 investigation they labeled Mr. Schulte an extremist due to his libertarian blog from high school where he wrote about Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, and opined the ideals of libertarianism; For these views a decade ago, the FBI and United States Government shamefully deemed him a threat, an extremist against the State.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media was entirely uninterested in articles regarding the criminal justice system. As multiple media services told him, “no one cares about the criminal justice system.”; “You middle class people get so upset when what happens daily to the poor and underprivileged happens to you—of course the criminal justice system is broken in this country, but no one cares.” Indeed, American journalists refuse to report extensively about the criminal justice system because they claim it wont sell papers and no one cares—and yet, without the reporting no one really knows. This catch-22 illustrates the failure of the American press as the MSM builds its own agenda of generating and sensationalizing “news” instead of simply reporting it—indeed, journalism is dead.

You don’t know the extent of our broken criminal justice system until you’ve been accused of a crime at which point it’s too late—you’re obviously guilty or else the State wouldn’t accuse you. You are indefinitely incarcerated and bankrupted since you cant work as the State locks you in a cage and points a gun in your face. What justice is this? The State made sure Schulte was fired and could no longer earn an income—once deprived of work the debts pile up as you can’t pay rent nor any other bills. Soon, you can no longer afford to pay for your attorneys so the State takes them away and gives you a Government attorney who splits time across 30 clients. Is this freedom? Or 1984? It certainly isn’t a presumption of innocence.

This treatise serves as a wake-up call to the American people—Slavery never ended but was merely refactored. Stand up against the tyranny, oppression, and monumental corruption of your totalitarian government and take back your country. Or don’t and continue your blissful, content lives until you too become a victim of the State—at which point it will be too late.

The following are Schulte’s 10 articles written in December 2017 and only recently recovered and typed (older drafts were posted at one point but these are the final versions he always wanted to share. Note there may still be some copy mistakes).