Presumption of Innocence?

“The government was set to protect man from criminals, and the Constitution was written to protect man from the government.” —Ayn Rand

The initial intent for the release of these articles was a slow, weekly release of each article published under the John Galt pseudonym. John Galt was chosen because during the FBI’s Vault 7 investigation they labeled Mr. Schulte an extremist due to his libertarian blog from high school where he wrote about Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, and opined the ideals of libertarianism; For these views a decade ago, the FBI and United States Government shamefully deemed him a threat, an extremist against the State.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media was entirely uninterested in articles regarding the criminal justice system. As multiple media services told him, “no one cares about the criminal justice system.”; “You middle class people get so upset when what happens daily to the poor and underprivileged happens to you—of course the criminal justice system is broken in this country, but no one cares.” Indeed, American journalists refuse to report extensively about the criminal justice system because they claim it wont sell papers and no one cares—and yet, without the reporting no one really knows. This catch-22 illustrates the failure of the American press as the MSM builds its own agenda of generating and sensationalizing “news” instead of simply reporting it—indeed, journalism is dead.

You don’t know the extent of our broken criminal justice system until you’ve been accused of a crime at which point it’s too late—you’re obviously guilty or else the State wouldn’t accuse you. You are indefinitely incarcerated and bankrupted since you cant work as the State locks you in a cage and points a gun in your face. What justice is this? The State made sure Schulte was fired and could no longer earn an income—once deprived of work the debts pile up as you can’t pay rent nor any other bills. Soon, you can no longer afford to pay for your attorneys so the State takes them away and gives you a Government attorney who splits time across 30 clients. Is this freedom? Or 1984? It certainly isn’t a presumption of innocence.

This treatise serves as a wake-up call to the American people—Slavery never ended but was merely refactored. Stand up against the tyranny, oppression, and monumental corruption of your totalitarian government and take back your country. Or don’t and continue your blissful, content lives until you too become a victim of the State—at which point it will be too late.

The following are Schulte’s 10 articles written in December 2017 and only recently recovered and typed (older drafts were posted at one point but these are the final versions he always wanted to share. Note there may still be some copy mistakes).

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